Installation Demonstration of Exterior Windows of Buildings




Nov. 5-7, 2019


Demonstration Zone of Installation at Hall W1, Shanghai New International Expo Center(Pudong)

Size: In total 300m2


(2)Master Planning of Demonstration(TBC)

  • Demonstration of Installation of Windows of Different Profiles
  • Demonstration of Installation of Super Low Energy Consuming Buildings
  • Demonstration of Installation of Auxiliary Frames of Windows
  • Demonstration of Installation of Renovating Existing Building (Window Replacement in Old Buildings)
  • Demonstration of other special methods of Installation

(3)Cooperation Rights and Interests

Participation fee: 30,000 RMB for non-FBC Expo exhibitors and 20,000 RMB for FBC exhibitors.

  1. Honorary certificate:The shortlisted door and window enterprises will receive the honor certificate of “New Types of Standardized Installation Nodes for Exterior Windows of Buildings Demonstration Unit" awarded by SAC/TC448-ift. The shortlisted auxiliary part enterprises will receive the honorary certificate of "Recommended Materials for Standardized Installation of Exterior Windows";
  2. Co-compiling the standardized atlas: compiled into the Atlas for the Standardized Installation Nodes of Exterior Windows of Buildings, will be released in all industries including real estate, engineering, architectural design, and door and window curtain wall after publication;
  3. Live speech: the 30 minute keynote speech on installation Nodes and construction method characteristics at the FBC Expo site;
  4. Installation demonstration: Door and window enterprises can carry out 30 minute installation demonstration at FBC Expo site. Auxiliary part supporting enterprises can jointly demonstrate the complete installation process with door and window enterprises, or brand display opportunities are provided for enterprises for auxiliary parts in the process of demonstration of door and window enterprises, and a product display platform is provided for auxiliary enterprises at the installation and demonstration site at the same time.
  5. Online display: to be continuously and comprehensively exposed and publicized in the industry through the official websites and WeChat platforms of various sponsors and FBC Expo;
  6. Media publicity: to be promoted and reported in more than 100 mainstream media in the industry;
  7. Broadcasting the participating enterprises’ promotional films in the non-demonstration period.

 (4)  Participation requirements

1. Prospective applicant enterprises are required to submit the Application Form for New Types of Standardized Installation Nodes of Exterior Windows of Buildings by July 25 (see appendix 1, 2 for details) and related materials;

2. The installation Nodes submitted by the enterprises need to be examined and approved by experts before they can participate in the on-site installation demonstration or related display activities at the FBC Expo.

3. Participating enterprises of doors and windows are required to prepare the following materials:

  •  Enterprises need to bring their own walls and install exhibits; the Organizing Committee will provide on-site warehousing and full exhibition services;
  •  Enterprises need to prepare PPT materials and video materials for speeches in advance.

4. The participating enterprises of supporting auxiliary should prepare the following materials:

  •  The organizing committee will provide the exhibition platform in the installation demonstration area, the enterprises need to prepare the display samples, and get them in place before the exhibition;
  •  Enterprises need to prepare PPT materials and video materials for speeches in advance.

(5)Floor Plan of Demonstration Zone (Subject to number of enterprises involved)