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[ ABOUT FBC 2019 ]

The Largest and the Most Professional Exhibition in the Fenestration Industry in Asia

With a history of 16 years, FENESTRATION BAU China is dedicated to integrating the innovative products, technology, solutions and business cooperation models in the fenestration industry, boosting the development and technical innovation of industrial enterprises. It is the largest-scale and highest-end exhibition and trading platform in the fenestration industry.

FENESTRATION BAU China has gathered more than 650 most representative brands from home and abroad, attracted nearly 101,000 professional visits from home and abroad, and covered target groups from door and window factories, distribution agents, engineering construction units, architectural designers and planners and real estate enterprises, with a total trading volume of billions of RMB. In 2018, by integrating and expanding the resources of BAU, the most influential architectural expo in the world, FENESTRATION BAU China has been taken to a new height.


A Top-Notch Learning and Exchange Platform in the Fenestration Industry in Asia 

FENESTRATION BAU China consistently stays on top of the latest industrial development trends and technical hot-spots at home and abroad and shares the ideas on the international market and innovative solutions on the domestic market. Every year, FENESTRATION BAU China invites industrial experts, decision-makers and various related party representatives of building products, materials and architectural planning from home and abroad and creates more than 20 communication exchange events focusing on the latest hot-spots and on product innovation and application and discusses at depth about the innovative development of the domestic and overseas fenestration industry.


Other than the 6-day exhibition period, FENESTRATION BAU China integrates industrial resources by such means as domestic and overseas road shows, professional forums, in-depth interviews with global industrial big-shots and industrial awards throughout the year, offering all-round consulting services to enterprises. 


[ The Future of Chinese Fenestration Industry ]


The Fenestration Industry is facing both the Challenge  and Opportunity  

The annual newly-added building area of the Chinese building industry is 2 billion square meters, constituting the largest building market in the world. On the other hand, along with the policies of environmental pollution control continuously promulgated by the government, and the demand of new-generation consumers for the livable and healthy residential environment, the market of building doors, windows and curtain walls has entered an age of all-round industrial upgrading. “Green” and “health” will become brand-new nouns dominating the building market, which will bring new challenges to the industry, but will bring huge historical opportunities at the same time. 


Attaching equal importance to new buildings + the renovation of existing buildings

Since Chinese real estate industry entered into a phase of steady development, the number of new buildings has been declining year by year, but the demand for the renovation of existing buildings has been increasing, which will become another focus of the future development of the building industry.


Exhibitor’s testimonial

Since 2008, YKK AP and FBC have developed together for 11 years against all kinds of hardships. We have witnessed our mutual growth. In these 11 years, we have also felt that FBC has gradually become a very famous and authoritative brand event in the industry. By exhibiting its products on FBC in these years, YKK AP has enhanced its brand awareness and influence and won extensive attention and praise.

In 2019, a new starting point and a new chapter, YKK AP hopes to cooperate with FBC to achieve joint development!

— MATSUMOTO AKIHIRO The Head of AP Business Department YKK (China)  Investment Co., Ltd.

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Decision-making buyers from the full industrial chain of building

FENESTRATION BAU China has invited nearly 100,000 professional visitors from engineering organizations, building units, design institutes and real estates sector in 76 countries, especially decision-makers who can offer decisive advice on procurement and application, more than half of whom have become our specially-invited visitors. FENESTRATION BAU FENESTRATION BAU China 2018 has invited nearly 2,000 real estate developers, 5,000 architects and designers, 5000 distributors and nearly 10,000 professional ,more than half of whom are enterprise decision-makers.

Visitors‘ nature of business in 2018


Chinese visitor breakdown in 2018


Top 10 International Visitors breakdown in 2018


Competing with more than 650 domestic and overseas top brands on the same platform 

650 domestic and overseas top brands from 20 countries and regions will comprehensively display door and window systems, building materials, hardware accessories and various system solutions applied in building, including various green, intelligent, safe, high-performance and low-energy-consumption products and materials applied in building, customized personalized solutions, intelligent manufacturing and driving systems and future building scenes. Here, you can see your peers or future business partners from all over the world, negotiating business opportunities, breaking through restrictions and finding out innovation.

Promoting strategic consciousness and cross-border communication exchange

In a period of 6 days, FENESTRATION BAU China 2018 launches more than 20 summit forums covering the most cutting-edge topics in the fenestration field. On the other hand, nearly half of the forums have invited real estate, architectural design, intelligent manufacturing, AI technology and other cross-border guests. They will jointly discuss the trend of industrial development, share the most representative cases at home and abroad, and instill inspiration, innovation and vigor.

Target Customer Program

TCP will initiate personalized experience service for exhibitors in 2019, accurately collect buyer demand by using the database of more than 150 thousand buyers worldwide and realize one-to-one accurate matching and communication in the exhibition period. 

Exhibitor’s testimonial

German Hörmann, a worldwide leading doors supplier, has the great honor to attend FBC again, the top event of the building industry. The authority and professionalism of FBC has created a broad platform for us. shall take this opportunity to showcase the products of all categories, of highest standard and quality, customize idealized solutions and provide one-stop convenient services for architects, developers, contractors and trade enterprises, etc. Innovation has always been the core ideology of Hoermann products. As the influence of FBC continuously expands, we will unremittingly improve and develop new products to provide more considerate and comprehensive services to our clients. It as an honor for Hörmann to contribute to the success of the exhibition and FBC. I sincerely wish a full success and a better future of FBC, and may FBC become a leader of the building industry.

— Jochen Nippel Hörmann Beijing Trading Co., ltd. Managing Director Asia Pacific