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Prices & Application

Different booth variants in various sizes are available at BAU China 2019.


Package Stand Configuration:

Type Registration date and payment terms fie International

Standard booth

( Min 9sqm)

Early Bird (before Jan.31,2019) 1400RMB/m² 260USD/m²

Standard booth

( Min 9sqm)

Standard price (after Jan.31,2019)



Raw Space

(Min 36sqm)

Early Bird (before Jan.31,2019) 1180RMB/m² 220USD/m²

Raw Space

(Min 36sqm)

Standard price (after Jan.31,2019) 1300RMB/m² 230USD/m²


* Both the standard booth and raw space with more than one side open would be additionally charged as below:

Length of longer side( the longer side)*3m*Raw space price*20%

For new exhibitors

1. Please fill out the application form and send it back to the contacts given on the form. The organizer will contact you for the booth location.

2. After the location and the costs of the booth are being confirmed, your contact person in the organizing committee will send you a copy of the participation contract.

3. 50% of the total costs (a full payment shall be made for a booth of 36sqm or smaller than 36sqm) should be paid as deposit to the organizer within 7 days after the participation contract is signed. When the deposit is received, the booth reservation will be settled. The remaining balance should be paid before August 10, 2019. Reservation without deposit will be treated as INVALID and the organizer reserves the right to reallocate the booth.

4. The Exhibitor's Service Manual will be sent out in August 2019.

5. The booth confirmation letter with which you can register on-site will be sent to you no later than 15 days prior to the opening of the exhibition, after the full payment is made.

For Regular exhibitors

For our regular exhibitors, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our project manager will be at your service.

Chinese contacts:

Mr. Simon Xu

Phone +86-10-84719580*850
Email simon.xu@mmuexpo.com
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Ms. Sunny Miao

Phone +86-10-84719580*866
Email sunny.miao@mmuexpo.com
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International contacts:

Ms. Diana Keul

Phone +49 89 949 20125
Email diana.keul@messe-muenchen.de
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Mr. Matthias Strauss

Phone +49 89 949 20131
Email matthias.strauss@messe-muenchen.de
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Mr. Otto Nowack

Phone +49 89 949 20135
Email otto.nowack@messe-muenchen.de
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