As the "third battlefield" of the industry, the installation of doors and windows plays a crucial role in ensuring building performance, avoiding potential safety hazards, quickly and conveniently replacing windows and linking with after-sales service.

However, due to the complex and diverse forms of building structures, the uneven competencies of installation technicians, and some jerry-building in the installation process, the problems related to doors and windows have become the highly common topic of complaints. For this reason, the upstream and downstream industrial chains of real estate, engineering, home decoration, distributors and other industries often feel helpless about various problems caused by the installation of doors and windows.

During the same period of FBC2023, the demonstration of building door and window installation will continue to bring the most advanced installation concepts and solutions, and address the pain points and difficulties of door and window installation in a one-stop manner: the  five sections of "Passive door and window installation", "Home decoration window replacement", "Installation of auxiliary frames of doors and windows", "Intrusion prevention and safety installation","Fire-proof & Fire-resistant door and window installation", will be presented through different installation techniques and methods, to help standardize the door and window installation technology and process specifications!


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