CongressFenestration Days China

Fenestration Days China

October 31th-Nov 1st, 2021 | Chateau Star River Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

FDC was premiered in 2003, with the mission of "leading the technological development trends of Asia's door, window and curtain wall industry", has been keeping up with industry hotspots and global technological development trends, which makes it a learning and communication platform not to be missed in the industry. Over the past 18 years, nearly 350 technical experts and more than 6,000 industry professionals have shared their insights and ideas here.


Basic Information


Driven by "Carbon Peak" and "Carbon Neutrality"| Technical Innovation and Breakthrough of Changes in Fenestration Industry

Date October 31,2021 and November 1,2021
Venue Chateau Star River Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
Size 400~500 people

 China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA)

National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windows of

Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC448)

Curtain Wall Engineering Branch of China Building Decoration



Messe München

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

Exclusive co-organizer

Technoform Group


curtain wall engineering organizations, technicians in door and window enterprises,

practitioners in architectural design institutes, scientific research institutions,

building door and window, curtain wall design/production/installation,

supervision and testing organizations,

real estate research and development/costs among other fields.



Annual Prominent Technology Exchange Platform of Asia-Pacific door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry

Since its establishment 19 years ago, the FDC has stayed true to its purpose of leading the technical trends and changes of door and window, curtain wall industry, and focusing on the latest technical trends, cases and interpretation of technical difficulties in the global door and window, curtain wall industry. It is a must-attend annual feast in the door and window, curtain wall industry for technicians to gain inspirations.

FDC2021 will dive deep into interpretation of hot topics and technical pain points in the industry from 6 Sections, namely,"Interpretation of Policies and Standards for Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry Driven by Dual-Carbon Goal","Innovation Trend of Building Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry","Iteration of Door and Window Product Identity and Technical Innovation","Transformation of Engineering & Home Decoration and Technical Thinking","New Standards and Technologies for Curtain Wall Engineering" and "Full-cycle Analysis of Challenging Curtain Wall Engineering Cases", and interpret them professionally from multiple and prospective perspectives, discuss technology trends, latest policy standards, innovative material applications, and top engineering construction cases, etc.

Topics Planned

Day 1: Integration (October 31,2021)

  • Section 1: Interpretation of Policies and Standards for Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry Driven by Dual-Carbon Goal

Carbon Peak  Carbon Neutrality According to the calculation by authoritative departments, the carbon emissions peak in China's construction industry will not be achieved until 2035, which will slow down China's commitment to carbon peak in 2030 by five whole years. At the same time, the carbon emissions generated by the construction industry account for more than 40% of China's total carbon emissions, which means that in order to achieve the dual-carbon target, the construction industry will become the top priority of carbon emission reduction in the next 10 years. To help achieve the dual carbon goal from the building door and window, curtain wall industry, what independent contributions and implementation routes are there, and what authoritative technical navigations are available, will be interpreted in detail in this section.

1. Sustainable Development of Building Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry

    -- Research Institute of Tsinghua University

2. Independent Contribution of Construction Industry to Achieve Dual Carbon Goal

    -- Xu Wei  China Academy of Building Research  

3. Implementation and high-quality development of national standard--General Technical Specifications for System Doors and Windows

    --Wang Hongtao  Secretary-General  National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windows of Standardization Administration of China

4. Case Sharing of Realizing Dual Carbon Goal in Door and Window, Curtain Wall in the Field of Engineering Construction -- Chen Yin  Modern Land

5. Green Building Empowers Quality Life

    -- Xu Chenbo  United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Section 2: Innovation Trend of Building Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry

Over recent years,"innovation, change and upgrading" have become the key words of the development of door and window, curtain wall industry. Therefore, continuously leading the new trend of industry development and gaining insights into the market development and business modality changes have become an important direction to explore into for the Expo and FDC platform. From macro to micro level, what are the latest development trends in the building door and window, curtain wall industry, what are the pain points and challenges to be addressed urgently across the whole industrial chain, and what brand-new solutions are available while an increasing number of enterprises are investing their energy in technology research and development? This section will deliver interactions of diversified new global trends and technologies.

1. Disclosure and Outlook of Technical Development Issues of Building Door and Window, Curtain Wall Industry  

    -- Wang Hongtao  Secretary-General National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windows of Standardization Administration of China

2. Interpretation of Application Trend and Pain Points of Selection of Materials in Real Estate

    -- Real Estate Developer/Mingyuan Real Estate Research Institute

3. The Realization Path of New Industry Trends and Technologies to Promote High-quality Development of Building Construction

    -- Jiangho Curtain Wall

4. Building Energy Conservation Trends and Product Application Demand in User's Perspective

    -- Technoform

5. Product Identity: Discussion on the Development Trend of Door and Window, Curtain Wall from the International Perspective

    -- SCHUECO

6. Doors and Windows Enabled New City of Ultra-Low Energy Consumption

    -- Sayyas

7. Dialogue: Preliminary Research


Day 2: Sharing (November 1,2021)

[Door and Window Special Sections] International Curtain Wall Design and Construction Summit

  • Door and Window Special Section 1: Iteration of Door and Window Product Identity and Technical Innovation

The door and window sector has come to a critical juncture of major changes. It is no longer the separation between the building and the environment, nor the guarantee of basic performance. The doors and windows are gradually endowed with more and more demands of intelligence, comfort, high energy efficiency, and diversified space. More and more new materials and technologies are pouring in, injecting new vitality and possibilities into the door and window, curtain wall industry. At present, what is the new round of product iteration and technological innovation in the door and window industry? New materials, new technologies, new applications and other directions will bring about discussions on prospective thinking and cutting-edge technology.

1. Innovative Application of High Borosilicate Glaze in the Construction Field

    -- Expert in Glass Industry

2. The Development Status of Hardware Materials and Trend Interpretation in the Context of New Ecology

    -- Expert in Hardware Industry

3. Intelligence of Doors and Windows and Innovation of the Times in the Development of Human Habitat Science and Technology

    -- YKK

4. Innovative Application and Prospects of Polyurethane-- Symbiotic with Buildings


5. Innovative Application Scenario of Plant Fiber Reinforcement

    -- New Material Enterprise

6. Intelligent Manufacturing Empowering Industrial Innovation and Development of Building Doors and Windows

    -- Intelligent Production Equipment Enterprise

Door and Window Special Section 2: Transformation of Engineering & Home Decoration and Technical Thinking

At present, the transformation and development of "engineering decoration" and "home decoration" of doors and windows has become a hot topic in the industry. In the implementation and promotion stage, various pain points and application problems have popped up. The special section will analyze at depth the essential problems of the transformation and development of "home decoration" and "engineering decoration" in terms of doors and windows from the perspectives of design, research and development, application, performance and installation, and discuss the multi-channel sustainable development of engineering and product systematization in door and window from the perspective of technology.

1. Differentiation of Development Status of Home and Engineering Decoration in Door and Window Industry

    -- Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research Group

2. Interpretation of Standards and Application Trends of Customized Door and Window System

    --National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windows of Standardization Administration of China

3. Blind Area of Design and Construction of Doors and Windows in Home Decoration from the Perspective of Engineering Decoration and Countermeasures

    -- China Academy of Building Research

4. Initial Experience of Home Decoration -- the Road of Transformations for Engineering Decoration from the Perspective of Users

    -- representative transformation enterprises of home & engineering decoration

5. Focus on the Standardization Trend of Home and Engineering Decoration Products

    -- representative enterprises in the transformation of home & engineering decoration

6. Dialogue: Preliminary Research


[Curtain Wall Special Sections] International Curtain Wall Design and Construction Summit

Curtain wall, as the first impression of architecture, not only presents the diversified design concepts, but also reflects the overall style, safety and functionality of the building. In the module of case analysis of the whole cycle, the sharing of design concepts, the input about the early-stage positioning by customer research, the construction schemes of engineering decoration and the transformation of existing projects are added, so as to help the industry to build a learning and growth platform with the most authoritative posture, help the curtain wall industry to continue with innovations, create the most cutting-edge communication and sharing model, and build a new ecology in the future of the construction industry.

The 4th International Curtain Wall Design and Construction Summit will offer two Special Sections of New Standards and Technologies for Curtain Wall Engineering and Full-cycle Analysis of Challenging Curtain Wall Engineering Cases, will focus on the current status-quo of China's building curtain wall industry, the promoting and testing technologies of existing curtain walls in various provinces and cities, and the analysis of challenging curtain wall construction cases, etc., and create the most high-end and systematic technology exchange platform for curtain wall design organizations, construction parties, developers and door and window, curtain wall component enterprises. The summit will also discuss the most cutting-edge development trends, design and construction difficulties in the curtain wall industry at home and abroad, and analyze the transformation and application of the latest technology and materials combined with case studies, so as to provide targeted curtain wall engineering solutions.

Special Section 1:  New Standards and Technologies for Curtain Wall Engineering

1. Development Report and Trend Interpretation of Curtain Wall Engineering Industry

2. Development of Curtain Wall Energy Efficiency Trend and Application of New Materials

3. Intelligent Site Management and Innovation of Future Architectural Thinking

4. Application of New Materials and New Technologies for Curtain Wall Engineering: Wind-driven Curtain Wall, UHPC, Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Special Section 2: Full-cycle Analysis of Challenging Curtain Wall Engineering Cases

1. Renovation of Existing Construction Projects and Market Opportunities

2. Pain Points and Development Trend Analysis of Curtain Wall Engineering Technology

3. Typical Case Sharing of Curtain Walls of Super High-rises

4. Typical Case Sharing of Environmentally-Friendly Breathing Curtain Walls

5. The Importance of Structural Safety through Irregular-shaped Buildings

6. Unitized Curtain Wall and Novel Energy-Saving Building - W hotel, Magnolia Plaza, North Bund, Shanghai


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Time Topic Guest

Interpretation of Application of Industry Standards for Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls (draft)

October 27th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Analysis and Interpretation of the Development of China's Standards and ISO Standards
- 80% Energy Saving? Product and Technical onfiguration and Response in the Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry
- Interpretation of 13th Five-Year Plan Topic in Building Industry
- Interpretation of 50411 Testing Standards of Building Engineering Energy Efficiency
- White Paper of Report on 2020 Trends for the Development of Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry

Future New Trends of Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls from the International Perspective (draft)

October 27th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Dialogue: How do you view the development of the door, window and curtain wall industry in the next 3-5 years?
- Concepts and Trends in the Design and Development of Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls

Joune Liu, Chief Engineer, Technoform Asia Pacific

- Development and Application Demand of Door, Window and Curtain Wall Industry from Real Estate Perspective

Chen Yin, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of MOMA

- Development and Application Trends of European Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls (Green, Smart, and Livable)

Sun Deyan, Technical Director of Schüco China

- Trends of Architectural Design and Application of Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls

Xu Zongwu, Chief Architect, China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research

Door and Window Revolution-New Technology Application and Performance Improvement

October 28th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201、W105 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Analysis of R&D Technology of Door and Window Security Products
- 13th Five-Year Plan Topic: The development trend of high-performance doors and windows and the application of new technologies
- Accessibility and Human-orientation
- Smart Glass and New Material Application
- Technical Concept of Intelligent Development of Doors and Windows

1.1 Super Energy Saving Solution

October 28th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201、W105 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Super Energy Saving Solution for Polyurethane Materials--PU
- 1.1 The New Requirements and Implications of Energy Conservation on the Performance of Doors and Windows (areas with hot summer and cold winter and cold winter)
- Case Analysis of Passive Ultra-low Energy Consumption Doors and Windows—Wood Windows
- European Super Energy-Saving Door and Window Solutions—PVC Windows
- Response of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows to Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Requirements

New materials, new standards and new technologies for curtain wall engineering

October 28th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201、W105 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Application of Innovative Materials for Fabric Curtain Walls


- Innovative Application of Photovoltaic Curtain Walls in Buildings

Wang Zhidong, China Academy of Building Research

- Opening: Interpretation of the Development Trends of China's Curtain Wall Engineering Industry in 2020

Tang Qi, Chief Editor, Curtain Wall Engineering Branch of China Building Decoration Association

- Shanghai Shipyard Renovation Project

Zhu Yuliang, Wuhan Lingyun

- Testing Standards and Use Case of Four Characteristics of Curtain Wall Engineering

Tianjin Testing Station

- The R&D Achievements and Future Trends of Curtain Wall Testing Technology

Wang Bo, Director of the Renovation Center

Case analysis of highly-difficult curtain wall construction

October 28th | NCIEC, Beijing, W201、W105 Conference Room
Time Topic Guest
- Nanchang Civic Center: Innovation on Stay Cabled Serrated Glass Curtain Wall

Wang Qibing, Director of Curtain Wall Division, Oriental Decoration

- Detailed Design and Construction of Project Skin

Mou Yonglai, Gold Mantis

- Shenzhen Energy Building: The New Application of BIM in Super-Complex Curtain Wall Engineering

 Wenlin, Chief Engineer of Shenzhen Fangda Building Technology Group

- Taikang Building: Innovative Design and Application of Super Large Glass on the Project

Jiangho Curtain Wall

- Xi'an Silk Road: The super project to reconstruct the concept of curtain wall

Cao Yajun CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration


Technical Director

Job Resume

From 1996 to 2012, Beijing Jie Shidi Door and Window Co., Ltd., Production Management, Factory Director

From 2012 to 2014, Lushang Door and Window Company, Project Management, Project Manager

From 2014 to 2016, Weihai City Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Since 2016,Technical Director of Viewmax Windows and Doors Co.,Ltd,  participating in Shandong Architecture University, Weifang Fenglu Garden and other projects. currently serving  as director of Viewmax Technology Center and the dean of Viewmax Business School.



Hongtao Wang holds the position of the vice chairman and chairman of the china construction metal structure association, director of the Technology Center of Curtain Wall and Windows&Doors of China Academy of Building Research (CABR), as well as of the executive deputy director of National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Curtain Wall and Windows&Doors. He also served as secretary-general on National Technical Committee SAC/TC448 of Standardization Administration of Curtain Walls and Windows&doors, specialist on Windows&Doors Committee of Aluminum Alloy, Plastic, and Steel Wood of China Construction Metal Structure Association, and member on Innovative Building Materials Application Technical Committee of Ministry of Construction of China. Having a high theoretical level and lots of practical experience, he had successfully led several important projects and been awarded for his great achievements and contributions on improving test methods and developing test devices. He, also wrote two technical books, “Physical Performance Test Technology of Curtain Wall” and “Construction and Design of the Curtain Wall”, edited and co-edited over 20 standards and specifications, including ISO standards.


Vice Director

After got his doctor degree majored in safety engineering in Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2012, he was employed as a senior engineerer, and focuses his research on the performance of building facade system such as curtain walls, windows, and doors. Experienced in and professional of the performance and engineering quality test, design and consulting in construction and fire performance, product certifiation, as well as some research job. he has also leaded and involved in several national standards, such as ‘Test method of fire-resistant integrity for building windows and doors’, ‘Graduation and test method for fire protection performance of curtain wall’, ‘Aluminium windows and doors’,  and so on.




| 1997.7 | HU NAN UNIVERSITY Major: Industrial and Civil Construction


Working Experience:









Yang Shichao is currently general manager (president) of Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research Group Co., Ltd. Social posts held: member of the Committee of Experts on Building Energy Saving and Green Building of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, member of the Technical Committee on Standardization of Building Products and Construction Accessories of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Vice Chairman of the China Association for Standardization of Engineering Construction, Vice Chairman of the Architectural Physics Branch of the Chinese Architectural Society, Vice Chairman of the Group of Experts of the Aluminum Windows Curtain Wall Committee of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, and Chairman of the Guangdong Construction and Science and Technology Standardization Association.



CHEN Yin, executive director and CTO of Modern Land (China) Co., Limited, in charging of the Research & Design sector. Mr.Chen, with abundant theorical and practice experience, dedicates to the sustainable architecture theory research and project practices over a long period of time.

Mr.Chen has engineering and management professional background, senior engineer title, and over 30 years working experience. Before enter the real estate industry, Mr.Chen engaged in teaching in universities; Now Mr.Chen is the expert advisor of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P.R. China; He is also a member of CHINA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, a member of CGB-ASC, a member of China Green Building Council of CUSU, and a member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society.


Chief Engineer

Expert of “Experts Group of The label of energy saving performance in doors and windows of buildings” under Ministry of Construction, Observer of “National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain walls and Window & doors of  Standardization Administration of China”, Committee member of “Glass in Building of Standardization Administration of China”, Member of “Experts Group of Doors and Windows Hardware Committee on China Construction Metal Structure Association” under Ministry of Construction, Deputy Director of “ Insulating Glass, Coated Glass Committee on Chinese Architectural and Industrial Glass Association”. Attained any outstanding paper rewards.

• Graduated from Changchun Materials College ( Changchun University of Science and Technology).

• Work at China National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Glass at Qinhuangdao from 1986.6 to 1999.3.

• Work at Beijing office of CHAC Technology Co. Ltd. from 1999.6 to 2008.7 Work as technical director at Technoform Bautec Insulated Material Co., Ltd. from 2008.8.11

Mr. Suny SUN

Engineering Director of Schüco China

2006:joined Schüco International KG as Technical Director of Schüco China

2004:post-graduated from Beijing University, major in Project Management

1993:  graduated from Zhejiang University, major in Mechanical Engineering


Major drafter of JGJ 113-1996 “Technical specification for application of architectural glass”; major editor of “Knowledge Q & A” from “Architectural Glass” of Chemical Industry Press;  patent holder of  several façade inventions.

Specific Field:

fully understand the status quo and tendency of doors, windows and facades industry in Europe and other hot developing regions; have rich experience in combining doors, windows and facades components in a optimal way, displaying different architectural properties of building envelops; be familiar with complete process of large and foreign projects from bidding and design to construction and project management with lots of practical experience; be proficient in section design, esp. applying Architectural Physics(heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, lighting, ventilation) to design of building envelops flexibly.



Graduated from Beijing University of Technology in 2009 and then has been worked at CABR, responsible for or involved in several ministerial and provincial research projects, drafting of several GB, JG and local standards, safety-inspecting for several existing building curtain wall engineering; Participate in drafting of ISO 19467 on “Thermal performance of windows and doors - Determination of solar heat gain coefficient”. More than twenty related papers have been published.



1978~1981 Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering of Tianjin University    Majored in Metal Materials and Heat Treatment

1982~1984   Pipe Fittings Plant of the 12th Chemical Construction Company of Ministry of Chemical Industry Assistant Engineer

1984~2001   Guangzhou Aluminium Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.  Vice Chief Engineer - Promoted to Engineer in 1989 - Promoted to Senior Engineer in 1994

2001~now Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research Group Co., Ltd.  Promoted to Professorate Senior Engineer in 2002

Engaged in scientific research and quality inspection of building curtain wall, and doors and windows, and the formulation of relevant national, industrial and local technical standard specification for years.

Standards and Specifications formulated as Chief Editor: 

GB/T 8478-2008 Aluminium Alloy Windows and Doors, GB/T5824-2008 Size System Of Opening For Windows And Doors In Building, GB/T 5824-2008 Terminology for Building Windows and Doors, JG/T 324-2011 Terracotta Panel for Building Curtain Wall, DBJ/T 15-88-2011 Technical Specification for Reliability Appraisal of Building Curtain Wall, DBJ15-30-2002 Code for Design, Installation and Acceptance of Aluminium Alloy Door and Window Engineering, JGJ 336-2016 Technical Code for Artificial Panel Curtain Wall Engineering, and National Standard Terminology for Building Curtain Wall (Draft for Approval).

Standard and Specifications formulated as Co-editor:

GB/T 21086-2007 Building Curtain Wall, JGJ 214-2010 Technical Code for Aluminium Alloy Door and Window Engineering, JG/T 138-2010 Point Supporting Device for Architectural Glass, JG/T 328-2011 Stone Face Honeycomb Composite Panel for Building Decoration, JG/T 342-2012 Glass and Mental Guardrail for Building, JG/T 389-2012 Steel Tension Rod Component for Building, GB/T31433-2015 General Technical Specification for Building Curtain Walls, Windows and Doors, GB/T 9158-2015 Test Methods of Mechanics Performance for Windows and Doors in Building, and JG/T 433-2014 Parallel Hinges Used in Curtain Wall Windows.



Graduated from Silicate Engineering of Wuhan University of Technology at 1990. Work in China Building Materials Academy from July 1990. Successively served as researcher, office director and president of Safety Glass Test Center of National Bureau of building materials. Work as Director of Glass Test & Certification Department in CTC from Sept. 2005.

Prepare and establish National Technical Committee on Industrial Glass and Special Glass of Standardization Adminstration. Draft “Safety Glass”, and dozens of national, industrial and international standards in building, vehicle, locomotive and float glass. Publish dozens of papers. Win the first prize twice and the second prize once of National Building Materials Science & Technology Award/Science &Technology Progress Award. 

Main Scientific research achievements and academic works:

1. Research Project

a) Lead and complete 5 Scientific Projects;

b) Lead or participate in dozens of drafting national and industrial standards and 1 international standard;

c) 6 invention patents and 1 utility model patent in glass industrial.

2. Academic work

Draft the book “safety glass”. Publish papers of “Evaluation technology and application of mechanical properties of inorganic brittle materials”, “Analysis, diagnosis and solution for self-explosion of tempered glass”, “New technology for evaluating mechanical properties of advanced ceramics”, etc.



In 2012, he graduated from the Engineering College of Northeastern University and entered the China Academy of Building Research. He has been responsible for or participated in a number of domestic and international curtain wall,door and window test and inspection projects such as Citylife in Milan, Italy, China Zun in Beijing, and led the proposal of five standards such as “Interstory drift test method for curtain wall” in ISO/TC 162 and participated in developing ISO standards and national standards, i.e. ISO 22497 "Curtain wall terminology", GB/T 7106 " Test method of air permeability, watertightness, wind load resistance performance for curtain walls" and completed the translation of three China national standards, such as the “Test method for watertightness of curtain walls under dynamic wind pressure”. He also is a main drafter for the China national standard "Classification and Test Methods for building external doors and windows and louver burglar resistant performance".



Helen Zhou, senior engineer, first-class construction engineer, graduated in Civil engineering from Northeastern University. She has published papers and won awards in journals such as "Technology and Application of windows, doors and facades of Modern Building", "Innovation and Development of windows, doors and facades" and so on. She used to work in facade companies and consulting companies to do design work, now she works in Beijing branch of Technoform Bautec (Suzhou) Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., engaged in technical support. Technoform is a Germany enterprise, engaged in high-precision  extrusion of polymer materials, the main products in the field of construction are thermal insulating strip and warm edge spacer.



Fan Zhenfa, technical director of aorun Shunda, director of national enterprise technology center, winner of "Baoding May 1st Labor Medal" of Baoding Federation of trade unions, mainly engaged in research and development of energy-saving door and window system. He has successively presided over the research and development of aluminum clad wood thermal insulation system, wooden rope thermal insulation system, wood aluminum composite thermal insulation system, solid wood thermal insulation system, sunshine room thermal insulation system, and thermal insulation aluminum alloy insulation system. It has undertaken and completed the research and development of the "international scientific and technological cooperation project" joint research and development of component type high energy saving wooden curtain wall door and window technology system ", and won the third prize of Hebei Province Science and technology progress award. It has completed the research and development work of the achievement transformation project of the provincial science and technology department. Developed passive windows, passive doors and other passive building special door and window systems, and through the German passive house Institute Phi technology certification. The products organized or participated in research and development have obtained 25 utility model patents and 8 invention patents. They have led the technical personnel to continuously improve their independent technological innovation ability and achieved fruitful results, which has effectively promoted the technological progress of the enterprise and made the enterprise embark on the road of sustainable development in a virtuous circle.



work experience:

Songqiang Guo is the Commercial Manager of Polyurethane based composite at Covestro Polymers (China) Company Limited. Recently he has been focusing on composite applications on window, rotor blade, etc.

Mr. Guo has been working for Covestro (previous Bayer MaterialScience) for over 10 years. With his expertise on project management, new business development and market communication, Mr. Guo ever managed various projects covering multiple downstream industries such as automotive, renewable energy and infrastructure.

Education experience:

Mr. Guo received his MBA degree from Beijing University, and engineering degree from Tongji University.



Senior engineer, national grade architect, expert of China Building Decoration Association, engaged in the construction of curtain wall industry for 16 years, participated in the curtain wall design of many projects, served as the project manager of more than 10 curtain wall projects, and won the national outstanding designer. National Excellent Project Manager.



Zhu Yuliang, male, born in April 1973, bachelor degree, member of Chinese Communist Party, senior engineer, national registered constructor. Deputy Chief Engineer of Lingyun, Driector of Curtain Wall Design Institute. In the following of his graduation in July 1996, he joined Wuhan Lingyun Building Decoration Engineering company, successively served as designer, senior designer, chief designer, deputy chief engineer, director of Shanghai curtain wall design institute, director of Xi’an branch, Driector of Shanghai curtain wall design institute, deputy Driector of Lingyun curtain wall design institute, and his latest position is driector of Lingyun curtain wall design institute. He has respectively designed, planned and guided hundreds of projects such as Alipay Headquarter Building, project in Shanghai No.2E1-1 area, No.2E5-1 area etc, many of them won the Luban Award(National Prime-quality Project), the National Building Decoration Award. He designed the first unitized curtain wall project in Hubei province, the Communication Command and Dispatch Center, which created new curtain wall market in Hubei province. He is proficient in the design, processing and construction technology of various types of doors, windows and curtain walls. He led the research and development of new type of insulating glass, new configuration of connection based on new type of insulating glass and so on. These patented technologies filled the gap in domestic curtain wall market. He was rated as a national excellent curtain wall designer and also he is an expert in Building Decoration Association with high honor and status in curtain wall field.



Work Experience:

2013.04-Now        Gold Mantis Curtain Wall Co., Ltd   

Designing institute    President of company & Director of design institute  

2006.05-2013.04     Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co., Ltd   

Shanghai Branch    Designing institute Chief Engineer  

1998.10-2006.05     Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co., Ltd   

Designing institute   Chief designer  

1993.7-1998.10      Ministry of Coal Industry Shenyang design institute  

Designing institute    Engineer

Main Achievements:

Shanghai tower (Shanghai, 632m high)    Outside Curtain Wall Technical director

Guanyin alter(Zhoushan、97m high)     Technical director

The Oriental Gate(Suzhou、308m high)  Technical director

Plaza of Suzhou Center(Suzhou、Irregular curved building complex)

Technical director

Raffles City,Chongqin(Chongqin、350m high)   

Technical director 



Yajun Cao is the deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of Curtain Wall Branch of China Construction Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd., and “Golden Craftsman”in the national construction Industry. By the way, he is the expert of China Building Decoration Association Curtain Wall Branch and the technology leader of China Construction Decoration Group Curtain Wall Branch. He is also the master of Yajun Cao Innovation Studio in the China Construction Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd.,. He has solved a plenty of technical problems of Wuhan Station, Greenland 468 of Chengdu, Xi'an Silk Road International Exhibition Center, Raffles City of Chongqing and other landmarks.



Chinese Communist Party member, Bachelor degree, senior engineer, engaged in curtain wall construction technology and project management for 13 years, with a number of large, complex, high-quality curtain wall construction management experience. 2018,2019 National Building Curtain Wall Outstanding Project Manager for two consecutive years.



Lin Wen, a senior engineer who graduated from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology in 2001, is the Chief Engineer and design department director of Shenzhen Fangda, also the hired expert of China Construction Metal Structure Association Façade Brach, Shenzhen Decoration Association, and Shenzhen Façade Association. Mr. Wen has been in charge of plenty of important curtain wall domestic and overseas projects.Among all these projects, the comprehensive base of China Southern Power Grid, Headquarter of CITIC Bank, and Nanchang Wanda Mall have rewarded the National decoration prize, Luban Prize, and AL-Survey “My favorite curtain wall project” Prize. Mr. Wen has applied  dozens of patents, including invention patents of “Unitized ceramic curtain wall”,“The connection method of Acrylic panel”, etc; and have published several papers, like “The design analysis of Serrated curtain wall”, “The ceramic curtain wall quality control and design of Nanchang Wanda Mall” and “The steel structure design of Shenzhen airport Terminal 3”, etc; and involved in the editing of couple standards, the major ones are “Shaking table test method of earthquake-resistant performance for building curtain wall”,“Code for acceptance of curtain wall engineering”  and “Technical specification for application of structural sealant for building curtain wall” , etc.



Qibing Wang, male, Han Nationality, was born in Shiyan, Hubei province in June 1976. Graduated in July 1997, on-the-job master degree, Certified cost Engineer、Constructor level-I、senior engineer. He joined the Communist Party of China in September 2008. After graduation, He began to work in China Construction Dongfang Decoration Co., LTD, successively serving as project manager, assistant manager of Wuhan Branch, deputy Manager of curtain wall Branch, etc. He has been the director of curtain wall Center since January 2018,Key construction projects include: office building project of China railway 23rd bureau, wushang reconstruction project, Beijing zhengda, liudong cultural square, nansha youth palace, yichang Olympic sports center, chengdu donganhu gymnasium, Shanghai Joy City, etc.