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Exhibition Sectors

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Windows System

Aluminum Windoors, UPVC Windoors, Wood Cladded Aluminum Windoor, Wood Windoor, Smart Windoor, Novel Windoor, Sunlight Room, Sand Screens, Roof Windows and Ceilings.

Curtain Walls

Metal Panels for Curtain Walls such as Aluminum Panel, Aluminum-Plastic Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Terracotta Panel, Ceramic Panel, Titanium-Zinc Panel, Copper Panel etc. And Non-Metal Panels for Curtain Walls;Stone Curtain Walls, Wood Curtain Walls and Glass Curtain Walls etc.

Doors System

Commerce Door, Industry Door, Garage Door, All Types Software for Household Door.

Architectural Sun-shading

Louver, Shutter Blinds, Exterior Sun-shading Roller Shutter, Outdoor Metal Louver, Embedded Sun-shading, Sun-shading Awning, Sun-shading Umbrella, Drive and Control System.

Architectural Glass & PV

All Types of Architectural Glass, Architectural Glass Film, Thermal Insulating Film, BIPV etc.


Aluminum Profiles, UPVC Profiles, All Types of Composite Profiles.


Windoor Hardware, Curtain Wall Hardware, Electric Window Opener, Window Opener, Fasteners.


Processing Machinery for Aluminum Windoors, Processing Machinery for UPVC Windoors, Processing Machinery for Wood Windoors and Supporting Equipment, Processing Machinery for Architectural Glass, Cutting Tools and All Types of Auxiliaries etc.

Structure Adhesives & Rubber Strips

Silicone Structure Adhesive, Silicone Structure Sealant, Architectural Structure Adhesive, Weather Resistant Adhesive, Silicone Glass Adhesive, Aluminum Plate Adhesive, Butyl Adhesive, Exterior Wall Sealant, Flame Retardant Adhesive, Silicone Sealant, Corner Connection Adhesive, Polyurethane Adhesive, Foaming Agent, Foam Sealant, Single Component, Bi-Component, Sealing Rubber Strips.

Thermal Insulating Series

Break Bridge Aluminum Insulating Strips, Insulating Strips, PA66 Insulating Strips, Nylon Insulating Strips; Profile Laminating Products, All Types of Molds.

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