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FBC2022 will continue to pay attention to the development trends of the fenestration industry, and launch more than 50 supporting conferences and forums. Updated industrial standards and trends: presenting the following popular topics one by one: intelligence, ultra-low energy consumption, the renovation of existing buildings, the installation of windows and doors, shading for buildings, fully furbished, regional market and the transformation of home furbishment. Wonderful concurrent events will continuously spark off industrial inspiration, innovation and vigor. It is a must-attend banquet for technical exchange and a golden opportunity for learning in the fenestration industry.

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Focus on Upstream Change in Demand ------Establish a featured exhibition zone for solutions
Exhibition Zone for Innovative Solutions

The result of high-quality development in construction industry is the transformation from the material production enterprises into the solution enterprises.
In FBC 2021, “Exhibition Zone for Innovative Solutions” is specially established, which is close to China Architectural Design Expo (CADE). The most innovative new materials for doors, windows, curtain walls, new product and new technology are exhibited altogether to create the most high-end and comprehensive platform for premier of new fenestration products. We are committed to providing the most cutting-edge innovative solutions for parties of owner project, real estate developers, architectural designers, general contractors, etc.

Exhibition Zone for Fire Protection Solutions

Exhibition Zone for fire protection solutions is specially established in FBC to showcase the latest fire protection products, technologies and solutions.
In FBC 2019, Jingang, Hörmann, Kinoge, GNT, Deyilong, Xinmingge, Shulong, Meixinbeisite, Hanwoer, Hengbao, Jimeike, Weihua, Boshilong, Meixinmaisen and other fire door & window enterprises are all in positions.

Exhibition Zone for Upmarket Customized Windows & Doors

As the people born after 1980 and 1990 become the mainstream consumer group, the demand for personalized high-quality customization is growing so that precise positioning and differentiated designs will become the development direction of home decoration market. Exhibition Zone for “Upmarket Customized Doors & Windows” is specially established in FBC to provide a precise all-in-one matching platform for door and window enterprises to offer doors & windows design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Doors & windows products with systematic technical services, craftsman quality and personalized demands are displayed in all aspects.