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The Fenestration Industry Is Ushering In A Historical Opportunity Of Industrial Upgrade

Due to the demand of new-generation consumers for a livable and healthy residential environment, the fenestration market will say goodbye to “rapid expansion” from then on, turning to an age of all-round “industrial upgrade”. Green, health and livability will become the leading brand-new nouns of the building market. This will not only pose a new challenge for the industry, but also mean a huge historical opportunity.

Attaching Equal Importance to Both New Buildings And The Renovation of Existing Buildings

With the approach of the steady development phase of Chinese real estate industry, the volume of new buildings has been declining year by year. However, there is more and more demand for the renovation of existing buildings, which will become another highlight for the future development of the building industry.  

The Advent of The Age of Crossover Integration

Along with the rise of intelligent technology, various crossover applications have begun to flood the fenestration industry. A large number of investors and crossover enterprises have begun to dedicate themselves to the competition in the fenestration industry. Which innovative technologies and solutions have been really leading the market of the fenestration industry?

FBC has been dedicating itself to the fenestration industry for 19 years, committed to integrating innovative products, new technologies, solutions and exploring business models, boosting industrial development and corporate technological innovation and gathering one-stop system solutions of fenestration.

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