RoadshowChengdu (June, 2019)

FBC2019 National Roadshow Presentations - Chengdu


Forum information

Time: 28th, June 2019

Hilton Chengdu

Audience: Engineering organizations,
Technicians of door and window factories,
Engineers of door,
Window and curtain wall enterprises,
Technical leaders of real estate enterprises,
Enterprise leaders


Forum background

With the rapid development of economy in Southwest China, the modernization of cities promotes the rapid development of the fenestration industry in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone. In the future, there will be a large number of urban landmarks, commercial housing, shopping centers and real estate projects for planning and construction.

With the theme of “Forum of High-quality Doors and Windows Boost New Development of Green Real Estate”, the roadshow will help door, window, curtain wall and supportive enterprises to get to know the demands of local real estate developers and building design and engineering organizations, accurately deliver high-quality products, and promote the healthy development of the building industry in Southwest China, on such hot issues as human settlement health, building trends and the performance of high quality curtain wall doors and windows.


  • Analysis on building energy saving standards and building development trends in Sichuan Province
  • Standards and technical requirements of doors, windows and curtain walls in areas with hot summer and cold winter
  • Casting of good life---Casting of a livable and safe building environment with high-quality sealant
  • Intelligent trend of doors and windows in high-end buildings
  • The extremely simplified trend of doors and windows in luxury villas
  • Imagine the future-Intelligent hardware, intelligent home
  • High-quality, Intelligence and systematization: interpreting the purchase trends of Southwest doors and windows under the trend of precast and fine refurbishment

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