International ActivitiesSino-German Day on Building Energy Efficiency

Sino-German Day on Building Energy Efficiency

5th November 2019 | Hall W3,M4 Meeting Room, Shanghai New International Expo Center

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05. Nov. 2019, 9:30 – 16:30


Hall W3,M4 Meeting Room, Shanghai New International Expo Center


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


50 – 60 (semi-closed)


Event Background

To cope with the challenges brought by large-scale and rapid urbanization and to promote sustainable social development, the Chinese government has incorporated sustainable urbanization development into the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). In addition, the National New Urbanization Plan (2014-2020) further emphasizes the development strategy focusing on environmental and climate protection. To achieve the transformation goal, China must promote sustainable urban development and accelerate the pace of building energy saving development.

The construction sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in China, with energy consumption accounting for more than 30% of China's total energy consumption. This proportion is expected to continue to increase as a result of the rapid process of urbanization and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards. Therefore, more efficient implementation of building energy saving and environmental protection measures and more reasonable allocation of related resources, are the top priority in the field of building energy saving.

To achieve this goal, the Chinese government has issued the Green Building Action Plan to promote the development of innovative technologies, new building materials and related advanced implementation technologies in the Chinese market. From design and construction to building operations, every branch of the construction industry, whether residential or industrial, will benefit from it. The realization of this goal is inseparable from the knowledge and skills training for engineering practitioners and management personnel and the long-term continuous theoretical teaching and practical training for future construction talents. They need to have a full understanding and mastery of advanced construction products and materials as well as related construction technologies, in order to truly ensure the construction quality and energy saving effect of the building and realize the real building energy saving.

Policies, regulations and industry standards act as a promotion and management mechanism at another level. But how do they complement each other to promote sustainable building development? How do governments and relevant policymakers motivate the allocation of these resources? What are the challenges for implementation at the central and the local level? Will the solutions of green building technology really contribute to people's healthy and happy lives? What kind of materials and technologies are needed to realize green building and healthy building? How to solve the millennium conundrum in the field of construction in China and cultivate more high-quality and high-level talents in this field? How to better realize the implementation of foreign building energy-saving technology in China and the improvement of related technology-implementation ability? With the three bilateral Sino-German cooperation projects implemented by GIZ, all these issues will be discussed and confronted in this workshop.

At the same time, this workshop will not only introduce specific cases of the "Plus Energy Buildings" project under the current policy, which lays a foundation for the application and implementation of the concept of "Plus Energy Buildings" in specific buildings and industrial parks in China, but also the training mechanism of construction talents and related project cases under the Sino-German cooperation model in the second part of the workshop. We hope that through the Sino-German experts dialogue in this workshop and the exchange of project experiences between China and Germany, more extensive technical exchanges in the field of building energy saving can be promoted and domestic practitioners can better realize the importance of professional talents training.


LIU Xueling

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Opening Remarks

Moderator: Gui Xuewen,Chief Architect, Central South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Time Topic Guest
09:30 -09:45

Representative of German Embassy 

09:45 -10:00

Markus Delfs

GIZ, Head of Cluster Sustainable Transition

Energy-Saving Measures for High-Rise Buildings & Opportunities and Challenges in promoting “Plus Energy Building” in China

Moderator: HU Qiying, Project Director of the Low Carbon Urban Development Phase III of Jiangsu Province

Time Topic Guest
10:00 -10:20 “Plus Energy Building”: Energy Concept for the next Generation of sustainable High- Rise Buildings

Hans Niemann
Energy Design Shanghai Co. Ltd.

10:20 -10:40 Concept Introduction of Vertical City

Johannes Kreissig


10:40 -11:00 Policy and industrial Basis for the Development of Plus Energy Building in China

Bao Yuqing
Director of Technical Centre of Beijing Uni-Construction Group Co., Ltd. (BUCC)

11:00 -11:20 Integrated Energy Utilization of Plus Energy Building

Prof. Chen Zhenqian
School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University

11:20 -11:40 “Plus Energy Building” goes international – A China Case

Chuai Yu

11:40 -12:00 Speakers’ Symposium

Focus on the future and cultivating talents: the Strategic Development Alliance for Building Talents under the Sino-German Cooperation


LIU Tong l Project Director of Strategic Development Alliance for New Technology Professionals in Construction Industry

Time Topic Guest
14:00 -14:25 The Development and International Cooperation of Civil Structure School of SUCC

Wu Xiangxiang

Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College, Director of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

14:25 -14:50 Key Point for Achieving Building Energy Efficiency – Technical Vocational Training

Qi Bei

Veka Plastic (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Business Development Manager

14:50 -15:15 The Combination of Industry and Education as the Key to regional Development

Wang Yi

Zhejiang College of Construction, Training Department

15:15 -15:40 Building Management System Energy Saving Application for Modernization Factory

Zhao Haoming

Tongfang Technovator (Beijing) co., LTD Building automation product manager

15:40 -16:05 Exploration on the Course Structure of Intelligence Building Technology-Based on Professional Ability Orientation

Xu Jian

Suzhou Institute of Construction & Communication, Department of Construction Engineering

16:05 -16:30 Introduction to the Training Work on the Practice and Promotion of energy-efficient Building Technology in China by Dena

Stefan Schirmer

Deutsche Energie Agentur GmbH (Dena)

Brenda QI

Business Development Manager VEKA Plastics (Shanghai) CO., LTD,

Brenda QI, female, graduated from Darmstadt Technology University in Germany with Master Science Degree of Civil Engineering. As Business Development Manager at VEKA Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and ever been Vice Technical Manager since 2006-2012 in VEKA Shanghai.  Her main work scope are systematic research and promotion of German low energy saving System Windows and cooperation with the German Energy Agency (DENA), engaged in passive low-energy demonstration projects in Chinese pilot City - the technical theoretical guidance and on-site installation construction training of Passive windows, and is also responsible for the communication and coordination works of national Passive House Alliances,published many theses about passive windows field in professional journals based on years of technical Sino-German theory and practical experience.

Social qualifications:

Expert team member for PVC-U Window and Door Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA)

Standing Council Member of Passive House Alliance of China

Council Member of China Passive House Building Alliance (CABR)

Council Member of Passive low-energy building industry technology innovation strategic Alliance (CSTC)

Council Member of Shanghai Building Hardware Door & Window Trade Association Director Uni