Smart Building and Smart Community

Smart Building and Smart Community


Time: Nov. 2nd, 2018
Venue: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Organizers: MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd,
Magazine of Electrical Technology of Intelligent Buildings
Audience: Architectural Designers, ELV Engineers, Owners of Hospitals/Hotels/Banks, Real Estate Developers, Building Parts Manufacturers
Expected Attendance: 300 persons


The era of Internet of Everything is around the corner. Internet, AI, Big Data, BIM and Cloud Computing, among other digital and information technologies, are increasingly fused with traditional business sectors. In the meantime, Smart City programs have been rolled out in many cities. Smart communities and smart buildings, as key parts of smart cities, are all the rage. Building intelligence is not just about a change in the application of technologies, but more importantly about revolutionizing traditional building formats and developing a whole new lifestyle. 


However, while the Internet of Things opens up a whole new world for buildings, safety and hospitality associated with building intelligence must not be neglected. How to plan for smart buildings at the design stage to maximize accessibility and operability of the Internet of Things? How to realize lifecycle management of smart buildings and apply a human-oriented approach to design and construction to improve building environment? How to balance indoor and outdoor environment, energy saving and efficiency in smart building design? This year’s Smart Buildings and Smart Communities Summit will bring all participants a brainstorm of forward-looking concepts and ideas on smart building design, construction and management, and all-dimensional application of intelligence. 


Traditional architecture is stepping into a radical change driven by intelligence and information technologies. Are your ready for that?

Guests to Be Invited and Proposed Speeches:

  • Internet firm:Intelligent Application and Management of Big Data and Building Intelligence Trends
  • BIM Intelligence Center:Key Points of Intelligence Planning and Design of Major Projects
  • Wanda:Smart Community R&D Management and Application of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance
  • Schneider Electric:Medical Building Intelligence Trends, Design and Planning
  • Huashang International:Financial/Banking Building Network Security Intelligence Application
  • BIAD:Upper-class Hotel Intelligence Design and Hospitality
  • Tsinghua University:Smart City, AI, Smart Buildings

For participation/sponsorship:

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