Green Building and Prefabrication Forum

Green Building and Prefabrication Forum


Basic Information

Date: 1st - 2nd November 2018
Venue: E2.218, New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Organizer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


 About Workshop

In response to a series of challenges brought about by China's rapid and large-scale urbanization, the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the industrialization of buildings. This will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption brought about by urban construction. Consequently, cities’ environmental impacts will be reduced, resources saved and the sustainable development capacity of urban construction increased. As a key step in the transformation of China's construction industry, the development of prefabricated buildings faces historical opportunities and challenges. Germany and Europe have advanced technologies and rich experience in the field of prefabricated buildings, which can prove to be a significant reference for the development of China's prefabricated buildings.

This forum discusses – from the macro and micro perspectives – the development status, policies and regulations as well as the building system and components of prefabricated buildings in both China and Germany. The forum aims to understand how China's prefabricated building development draws on German technology and experience through interactive exchange and brainstorming sessions between Chinese and German experts. In addition, the forum aims to seek a contextualized development route for the implementation of prefabrication in China.


November 1, 2018: Expert Talks on Standardisation and Certification Quality Infrastructure for a Green Construction Industry 

How can quality infrastructure – certification and standardisation –  improve sustainability in the building sector and of construction materials?


Morning Session 

09:30 Opening Remarks 


Establishment and Assessment of Green Factories in Building Materials Industry 

Mr. ZHANG Jin, Project Manager, Guojian Lianxin Certification Center


Latest Developments in China's Green Building Materials Policies, Standards and Certifications (China Green Product Certification) 

Mr. JIANG Quan, Chief Engineer, China Building Material Test & Certification Centre (CTC)


The Public Procurement of Construction Works in Germany 

Mr. Rüdiger (Roger) Otto, Vice President, German Construction Confederation (ZDB)


Introduction to Energy Efficiency Requirements for Green Buildings 

Mr. Jan Hoehne, Vice President, Products Accreditation & Certification, Asia-Pacific and Greater China TÜV Rheinland China



Afternoon Session


European advocacy and communication for precast concrete

Mr. Alessio Rimoldi, Secretary General


Multifunctional precast concrete elements – more than heating and cooling

Mr. Thomas Friedrich, CEO, Innogration GmbH,Innogration GmbH 


Disruptive Innovation: 3D printing and manufacturing trends of tomorrow 

Prof. Dirk Lowke, Full-professor, Institute of Building Materials, Concrete Construction and Fire Safety (iBMB), Technical University of Brunswick


Green Technologies in Insulative Building Materials – Re-Thinking Heat Transfer

Mr. Wolfgang Bonder, CEO, MIG mbH,  MIG mbH 

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November 2, 2018: “Prefabricated Buildings on the Road to Sustainable Development” – Can speed ensure sustainability of the construction process




Opening Remarks

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Chairman of Board, MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. /

Deputy Chairman and CEO, Messe München, Peter Sailer, Project Director,

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Session 1

Sustainable Development of Prefabricated Buildings in China and Germany –Macroscopic Approach


Development, Opportunities and Challenges of China's Prefabricated Building Industry

Wen Linfeng, Deputy Director General and Research Associate, Center of Science and Technology & Industrialization Development (CSTID) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (CSTID, MoHURD)


Aspects of Sustainability within Modern Prefabricated Construction: Yesterday –Today –Tomorrow

Erich Benischek, CEO, Blaue Lagune, Vienna, Austria


Introduction of the Development to Prefabricated Building Technology and Standards 

Li Dawei, Director of Engineering Department and Research Associate, Research Institute of Standards and Norms (RISN), Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD)


Prefabricated Buildings in Germany – Ecological Aspects within the Lifecycle Assessment

Johannes Kreissig, Chief Executive Officer, German Sustainable Building Council -DGNB


Session 2

Prefabricated Building System and Prefabricated Components in the Light of Sustainability


Digitalization and Prefabrication – A Key to cost-effective and sustainable residential buildings

Thomas Kirmayr, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance


Technical System and Standard of Prefabricated Concrete Structure

Tian Chunyu, Vice President, Building Industrialization Design Institute, China

Academy of Building Research (CABR)


Designing with Prefabricated Modules

Johann von Mansberg, Director, gmp International Beijing GmbH


BIM-based Life-cycle Information Management System – New Paths of

Cooperation and Sharing 

Dr. Liu Meixia, Director, Planning and Development Apartment and Research

Associate, Center of Science and Technology & Industrialization Development

(CSTID) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD)


Prefabricated Passive House Envelope – Experience in Development of a

Construction System in China

Dr. Stefan Schirmer, Senior Architect, Department of Energy Efficient Buildings

at German Energy Agency (dena)

16:30 Panel Discussion


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