DemonstrationSolicitation of Fenestration Installation Node

RFP Details on “New Types of Standardized Installation Nodes for Exterior Windows of Buildings”


 (1) Background and Introduction

  • The project of windows and doors consists of 30% of fabrication and 70% of installation.
  • The unscientific installation methods will directly undermine the future living experience, and even cause the problems such as user complaints.
  • It is very important to master the correct windows installation and standardized construction methods.
  • Universal nodes play as a solid technical foundation for the installation of windows and doors. Each node involved in the construction will be clearly marked and noted in the design drawings so that installing operators can be supported with good theoretical basis to follow when installing windows and doors and avoid installing blindly.
  • The introduction of universal nodes will provide effective, scientific and operational guiding measures for the installation of windows, thus ensuring holistic performance of windows after installation, which plays an significant role in the development of windows installation technology in the future.

(2) Organizational Structure


National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windoors of Standardization
Administration of China
ift Rosenheim

Messe München GmbH

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd


MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

Supported by (local trade associations)

Expert Panel for Review: Prof. Hongtao Wang, Stefan Ude Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Shi Minxiang, He Hong, Wan Chenglong, Tan Guoxiang, Zhang Yunlong, Cheng Xiansheng, Zhang Zhoulai


(3) Evaluation Process

1. Sign-up Submission (July 1st - Aug 10th)

The enterprise shall fill in the attached application form and submit the installation node materials based on its actual situation; the following three options are available for signing up:

Option 1: Participating organizations and enterprises of auxiliary frames, etc. can sign up for participation through the National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windoors of Standardization Administration of China.

Option 2: Enterprises that participated in FENESTRATION BAU China from 2003 to 2018 can directly sign up with the organizing committee Secretariat.

Option 3: The international enterprises that have not participated in FBC can register with ift Rosenheim;

* Please do not sign up with more than one option from above.

* Enterprises can submit installation nodes separately or jointly with accessory enterprises (e.g. aluminum window-adhesive), and both parties can share the evaluation results and honorary rewards.

2. Expert review (Aug. 10th –Aug. 20th)

  • Enterprises that meet the review standards can be shortlisted;
  • The shortlisted door and window enterprises will receive the honor certificate of “New Types of Standardized Installation Nodes for Exterior Windows of Buildings Demonstration Unit" awarded by SAC/TC448-ift. The shortlisted auxiliary part enterprises will receive the honorary certificate of "Recommended Materials for Standardized Installation of Exterior Windows";
  • The shortlisted enterprises will be compiled into the Atlas for the Standardized Installation Nodes of Exterior Windows of Buildings, and will ne published in all the industries, including real estate, engineering, architectural design and fenestration.

3. On-site installation Demonstration (Nov. 5-7)

For details, see “Participation Proposal for Installation Demonstration of Exterior Windows of Buildings”

(4) Rules for RFP

Material Submission Standards Shortlisted Selection Standards
  1. The installation structure joint diagram and text description should be provided: the installation joint diagram should include typical structure Nodes (window upper Nodes, window bottom Nodes, window side Nodes) and special Nodes; The text description should clearly describe the characteristics of the joint structure, such as the connection mode between the frame and the attached frame (if any), the connection mode between the attached frame (if any) and the main structure, and so on.
  2. Installation method shall be provided, i.e. installation process: including but not limited to line marking and positioning, cleaning treatment, door and window frame placement and adjustment, installation, gap filling with wall, injection of sealant, door and window sash and glass installation/whole window installation, hardware accessory installation, etc. Please provide a detailed video description of the installation Nodes (if any).
  3. Please provide instructions on the installation site and the whole window performance after the installation is completed: such as thermal simulation analysis of the installation site (heat transfer coefficient of the installation site, temperature of the inner surface, etc.), and the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of the installation structure including the exterior window.
  4. Please provide a project (if any) in which this method is applied successfully: the name, address, building area, post-installation photo, key point picture and other proof materials in the process of installation (if any), etc..
  1. The installation structure should be helpful to realize the industrialized, systematized and intelligent installation of building doors and windows, and to improve the overall safety and energy saving of building doors and windows after installation.
  2. The application of new installation materials, new installation structures and so on, has the characteristics different from the general installation process in the market, and has the best corresponding patented technology (need to provide a patent material certificate)
  3. The installation joint structure is reasonable, and the installation process is simple and smooth.
  4. It can effectively ensure the safety and energy saving performance of doors and windows after installation: it should produce no hidden danger of door and window shedding, and it should try to improve the thermal performance around the door and window installation openings.
  5. It can reduce the installation cost of doors and windows, save installation time, make replacement simple, and has the possibility of large-scale use in market.