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About the Workshop

Custom Fenestration Distributors Workshop provides four-hour marketing lectures to fenestration distributors in China. Custom fenestration is a thriving segment of the home furnishings and building materials industry. Numerous brands are competing and top players are yet to stand out. The first round of reshuffle in this industry has begun. FENESTRATION BAU China and Asian Media have contemplated enlightening lectures on marketing during the expo which will share with all distributors present incisive views on how to run their business with Internet thinking, how to raise order size, how to seal big deals, and how to provide custom fenestration services.

2018 Review


Time Nov. 1st, 2018
Venue New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Organizers MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd
Asian Media
Audience Window and door Factories, Distributors, Manufacture, Manages and Designers of Construction and Decoration Company, Real Estate Developers and Architects
Expected Attendance 300 persons


Keynote Speaker

Huang Junhua
Triple Win International Model Shop Manager Trainer
Vice President of China Institute of Home Furnishings Marketing R&D 

Topic Strategy to Seal Big Deals in Stores
Duration 2 hours

Keynote Speaker

Huang Jinrong
Chairman of the Board,  Asian Media

New Retail of Home Furnishings


1 hour

FBC2018 Tips on Visit and Franchise O2O

Purpose:Allow more distributors to find at FBC fenestration companies and good brands looking for franchisers and assure them an easy tour of the expo, and invite distributors exactly wanted by exhibitors to the expo.

A. Online show: franchise policies and requirements of exhibitors
B. Micrograph photos: Micrograph photos of exhibitor-specific o2o franchise invitation
C. Prepare FBC tour invitation and route map
D. Send FBC2018 Tips on Visit and Franchise O2O and FBC Itinerary individually. 

For participation/sponsorship

Molly Shi

Phone 010-84719580*818
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