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October 29 - November 1, 2020 | New China International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC) Beijing, China

The Summit of the real estate industry and the fenestration industry accurately links the demands and technical difficulties of both the supply and demand sides, and provides a one-stop communication platform for the technical chief engineer of the research and development department of Real Estate developers, solution suppliers, door, window and curtain wall component enterprises among other enterprises.

2020 Summit for Real Estate Industry and Fenestration Industry will keep updating its theme and profiles of guest speakers, please stay tuned!


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time Topic Guest
10:00 -10:10 Welcome speech

Zhao Zhengting /  Secretary General of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

Song Weimin / Secretary General of China Construction Metal Structure Association

Johannes Kreissig  / CEO of German Sustainable Building Council.,CEO of  DGNB GmbH  

Shen Keqiao / Secretary General of Shanghai Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

The International Trends and Domestic Policies of Green Building Development

Moderator:Chen Fang, Executive Vice Secretary General of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, Green Building Chapter

time Topic Guest
10:10 -10:40 Climate positive buildings

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Kreissig

CEO of German Sustainable Building Council.

10:40 -11:10 Interpretation of The New National Standard of Green Building Evaluation GB/T50378_2019

Han Jihong 
Deputy Chief Engineer ofShanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences(Group)Co.,Ltd.,  
Chief Expert of Green Building and Urban Expert Workshop
Board Chairman of Shanghai Building Science Design Institute Co., Ltd. 

11:10 -11:40 A SUSTAINABLE OFFICE TOWER —— conceptual design for a future high-rise building

Thomas Fritzsche 

thomas fritzsche architects | tfa Founder & Head of Design 

11:40 -12:10 Thinking of Upgrading for Spacial Elements in Digital Era

Cai Lishan

Hörmann Group Germany, Sales Director of Southwest Region

Real Estate Practice of Full Decoration

Moderator:Min Jie, Deputy Secretary General of CRECC Full Decoration Council

time Topic Guest
13:30 -14:00 Development Trend of Full Decoration and the Driving Force of Standards to the Industry

Chen Zhongli 

Secretary General of CRECC Full Decoration Council

14:00 -14:30 Practical Interpretation of Evaluation Criteria for Full Decoration of Residential Buildings

 Liu Wei

Person In Charge of Professional Standardization of Fine Decoration of Modern Green Development co., Ltd. 

14:30 -15:00 Green. Energy saving. Safety-Solutions for building sealing

Luo Sibin

Application Technology Director of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 

15:00 -15:30 Excellent Case Sharing of Precast Full Decoration Real Estate Practice

Shen Wenyi 

Technology Management and Product R & D Department of the Headquarters of Greenland Group 

15:30 -16:00 Research on Full Decoration for Interior and Analysis and Sharing of Practical Cases

Ma Guochao
Deputy General Manager of Interior Engineering Design Institute of Shanghai Johnson Architectural & Engineering consultants Co., Ltd.,
Expert of finished residential projects of China Building Decoration Association