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Talk to Architects

The series forums of Talk to Architects have been successfully held for six sessions with the mission of "Achieving the Integration and Inspiration of Architectural Technology and Architectural Art". It is intended to build a bridge of communication between the architects and enterprises of curtain walls, windows and doors, and enhance the architect's attention to and understanding of architectural details. Over the years, the well-known architectural masters including Wang Dasui, Wang Heng, Cao Jiaming, Zhang Junjie, Liu Enfang, Ren Qingying, Bai Fei and Luo Yi have published their new views or the latest cases in the platform. The success of this forum has been supported by China Construction Technology Corporation, Shanghai Architectural Society and the design institutes. It is one of the most influential forums in the field of domestic architectural design.

The 2019 Talk to Architects event will focus on:

  • The Detailed Design Concept of the Exterior Surface of Complex Architecture
  • Sharing on Well-Known Architectural Design Cases and Materials

  • Curtain Wall Detailed Design · Architectural Design · Engineering Construction Technology