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Fenestration Days China

FDC (Fenestration Days China) was launched in 2003 with the mission of "Leading the Development Trends of Asia's Fenestration Industry". Following up the hot spots of the industry and the global technical development trends, FDC is the learning and exchange platform that the fenestration industry cannot afford to miss. FDC2019, as Asia's top technology communication platform, will further guide how industrial enterprises could "look far into the road ahead" and "stride forward" in continuous exploration, learning and innovation.

The FDC2019 will focus on "Building Industry Policies and Latest Standards for Windows, Doors and Curtain Walls", "International Frontier Trends in Windows, Doors and Curtain Walls", "Installation of High Performance Windows and Doors ", "Fire Protection and Safety", "New Materials, New Technologies and New Trends of Curtain Walls". More fantastic events are coming soon.

Review Fenestration Days China 2018

W201, NCIEC, Beijing


Activity information 

Time: Oct. 29-30th, 2018
Place: W201, NCIEC, Beijing
Theme: Green, Safe and Intelligent——New Patterns of Fenestration Development in the Era of Industrialization
Key Words for 2018: Green Innovation, Intelligence, Safety, Installation Technology, Building Fire Resistance, BIM
Organizers: Messe Muenchen GmbH

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd
China Construction Metal Structure Association
Euro Windoor Association

Exclusive Co-organizer: Technoform Bautec (Suzhou) Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
Supported by: YKK AP Inc.
3H Inc


It is time for the fenestration industry to think out of box and pursue revolutionary technologies. As the standards of building energy efficiency are taken to the next level and the people enjoy a better life, the contradiction between traditional performance of fenestration and the growing demand for innovation and energy efficiency is increasingly evident. With green, livable, safe and intelligent buildings become the buzz topic on everybody's lips, fenestration companies are faced with a thought-provoking question, that is, how to jump at the opportunity when it arises to break the bounds and blaze a new trail to build new type of building system.

FDC, as Asia’s top-notch platform for exchange of technologies, will proceed to explore all-dimensional innovations in production, management, construction and application made by fenestration companies committed to creating buildings in an efficient, easy to use, green, environment-friendly, safe and pleasant setting. FDC 2018, Beijing, will highlight the theme Green, Safe and Intelligent——New Patterns of Fenestration Development in the Era of Industrialization, and feature four sessions, Green Fenestration Trends and High Performance,  Fenestration Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing, Fenestration Safety and Solutions, and Case Studies. Experts from China and abroad will be invited to discuss innovative development model of fenestration in China in the era of industrialization. 

Session 1: Green Fenestration Trends and High Performance

China is in the midst of industrialization and rapid urbanization. Building materials are important to the construction and functioning of buildings. China New Urbanization Plan 2014-2020 requires green urban buildings as a percentage of all new buildings to be increased to 50% by 2020 from 2% in 2012. In the meantime, Xiongan New Area under active planning and construction has in particular proposed to use  100% green building materials. Obviously, green buildings are being mass produced and set in motion in full swing. Given the ever higher bar of green buildings, how are fenestration companies going to feel the pulse of the prevailing trends of green buildings and improve the performance of their products? This is a topic that needs to be dived into. This session is bound to present a feast of forward-looking thoughts on green building trends, interpretation of standards, overall improvement in performance and new area planning and application to all participating fenestration companies.

Session II:Fenestration Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing

【Intelligent Manufacturing】Fenestration companies are stepping towards “intelligent manufacturing” from “manufacturing”. And in this process, it is highly important to supersede traditional, decentralized production by modern production and management practices. At the same time, “lean building” and “lean management” are widely accepted by the fenestration industry as the core to innovation-driven growth. Automated production lines are implemented to deliver technology enhancements and access to the Internet of Things and intelligent industrial chains, and realize intensive production. Product technologies and management ideologies are innovated and upgraded with the application of factory information technologies. This has been proven an effective way for fenestration companies to reshape and upgrade themselves and move towards Construction Industry 4.0.

【Fenestration Intelligence】The era of Internet of Everything is around the corner. Smart City programs have been rolled out in many cities across the country in recent years, signaling that intelligent buildings are quite the rage. How to embrace the Internet and apply intelligent integration and connectivity technologies to create efficient, easy to use, pleasant and safe buildings is drawing increasing attention from the fenestration industry. When intelligent fenestration becomes known by the people, fenestration is redefined in terms of performance and the forms of buildings are given new interpretations. Where is it going? How can its safety and operability be assured? The brainstorm over fenestration black tech may inspire you to get the answers.

Session III:Fenestration Safety and Solutions

Safety of fenestration has always been a topic very much talked about. Good-looking, functional and hospitable fenestration is ultimately based on and supported by safety. Frequent incidents of fires, thefts and falling windows, among other catastrophic accidents, in recent years have caused material impact on and unrecoverable loss to the people’s life and stability of the society. Hence, building safety is a consideration of top priority in the choice of fenestration. Answers to some questions will be sought, like how to meet and address the challenges posed by window installation, fire-proof, burglary-proof and wind-resistant buildings?

Session IV:Case Studies

A great building is bound to be of significance to urban planning, the people’s livelihood and sustainability. Fenestration, as an important exterior form and functional carrier of buildings, is required to bring “state-of-the-art ideas, the highest standards and the best quality”. How can a high-rise city landmark overcome all challenges, such as solid structure, safety, wind resistance? How can a multi-purpose complex building apply cutting-edge fenestration construction management technologies to deliver desired performance? How can a future-proof smart building use cutting-edge fenestration construction technologies to realize a perfect combination of performance and intelligence? All of these would not be possible without BIM, Internet integration, big data and other information technologies. Fenestration detail designers and construction supervisors will decode these challenges in design and construction and come up with innovative solutions.