CongressFenestration Days China

Fenestration Days China 2019

November 3-4, 2019 | Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai

Theme: Future + Co-building the Green Innovation and Development of Fenestration
Time: November 3-4, 2019
Venue: Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai
2019 key words:

green building, ultra-low energy consumption, building fire prevention, safety, intelligence, door and window installation, the reconstruction of existing buildings, new materials

Scale: 300-400 persons
Sponsors: China Construction Metal Structure Association

National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windoors of Standardization Administration of China

China Building Decoration Association Curtain Wall Engineering Commission
Euro Windoor
MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd

Exclusive co-sponsor:

 Technoform Bautec (Suzhou) Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.


Technicians of curtain wall engineering organizations and door and window enterprises, and practitioners of architectural design organizations, scientific research institutions, and design/production/installation, supervision and inspection organizations of building doors, windows and curtain walls


Industry Trend Forum on November 3

Policy | Standard | Trend | Prospect

Session Ⅰ: Fenestration Standards and Industry Prospect Analysis

At present, China is at a critical juncture to promote the development of buildings. Green buildings, ultra-low energy consumption buildings, nearly zero energy buildings, energy-saving doors and windows, innovative curtain walls and so on are the topics of great concern in the development of the industry. The promulgation of Assessment Standard for Green Building GBT50378-2014, Technical Standard for Nearly Zero Energy Building (the first guiding standard of building energy saving in China), Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Building Standard and a series of building door and window curtain wall standards provides a clearer direction for the development of the industry. The latest policy of industry development and the most comprehensive standard interpretation will be presented in this special session.

Proposed speech topics:

  • The interpretation of Assessment Standard for Green Building and the guiding requirements of the fenestration industry: China Academy of Building Research
  • The interpretation of Technical Standard for Nearly Zero Energy Building (a national standard) and the development trend of the application of building parts: China Academy of Building Research
  • The problem analysis of the quality supervision of construction engineering and the publishing of the standards of the fenestration industry: China Academy of Building Research
  • The Interpretation of Curtain Wall Standard (the latest national standard): well-known institutions in the curtain wall industry in China

Session Ⅱ: The Sharing of the International Prospective Trend in the Fenestration Industry

The future development of building is not only a transformation of technical application, but also the disruption of traditional building modes and the open-up of the brand-new production application modes: bringing about the promotion of product technology and the perfection of management process with the intelligent way of building of intelligent production line; giving more future development space to buildings with the application of the intelligent products of doors, windows and curtain walls; How should the fenestration industry make technical changes according to industry trend with the advent of the aging era? What kind of future development trend of doors, windows and curtain walls will the wave of 5G usher in? How should the recycling of the abandoned materials of doors, windows and curtain walls boost the sustainable development of buildings? A feast of technical exchange about future black science and technology of doors, windows and curtain walls will be interpreted in this session.

Proposed speech topics:

  • Trends in the development and application of ultra-low energy consumption buildings in Europe: ift Rosenheim
  • The intelligent innovation and development of European doors, windows and curtain walls:  Schüco International
  • The aging–friendly trends and reconstruction and application of doors, windows and curtain walls: international system door and window enterprises
  • The technical development trends of 5G and Future Window:  Alibaba Smart Home
  • The reconstruction and sustainable development of abandoned materials of doors and windows: European door and window enterprises

November 4: Fenestration Sub-forum

Livable | Fireproof | Reconstruction | New Materials

Door and Window Session Ⅰ: Elderly-Friendly, Livable and User-friendly Design of Doors and Windows

The creation of livable environment and user-friendly design have gradually become an important indicator of the choice of building parts, and doors and windows are exactly the key to realizing or giving more possibilities to building. How to make the building environment reach the best of “human centered” state through the application of design concept and key technology while ensuring the performance of doors and windows, such as acousto-optic thermal comfort, barrier-free access or opening, ultra-low energy consumption and automatic adjustment, safety and livability, etc.?... Doors and windows will become the key to user-friendly design and livable environment, and wonderful topics will be systematically interpreted in this special session.

Proposed speech topics:

  • Future building requirements and livable settlements solutions: themed real estate developers
  •  The aging-friendly design and user-friendly space of doors and windows: system doors and windows/hardware enterprises
  • The creation of the buildings with ultra-low energy consumption and the livable environment: the passive door and window enterprises in China
  • Intelligent safety design and solutions of building doors: well-known European door enterprises

Door and Window Session 2: Door and Window Fire Prevention and Building Safety

Fire prevention of building doors and windows has always been a topic of great concern in the industry. The revision of fire prevention standards, the perfection of inspection and acceptance code and the promulgation of fire resistance standards provide a clear development direction and professional reference for the whole industry to improve the fire prevention consciousness, improve the fireproof performance of doors and windows, and study high-quality fireproof products. The special session will discuss the fireproof standards, fire resistance standards, testing points and product technology of doors and windows, and analyze and interpret the key technologies of high-performance fireproof door and window products, so that the industry can get to know fire prevention in its real sense, and extend to more building door and window security and other cutting-edge topics.

Proposed speech topics:

  • “Fire Resistance Integrity Test Method and Judgment Requirements for Building Doors and Windows” (National standard): Zhang Xichen, China Academy of Building Research
  • Fire protection standard for doors and windows and the development trend of the industry: Shandong Shulong Door and Window Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Technical interpretation of international door and window fire protection and building safety system: Forster
  • New materials for fireproof doors and windows, new technology: fire-proof door and window / material enterprises
  • New technology and new trend of fireproof glass: Hero
  • Bulletproof and Pryingproof standard and product technological innovation: European hardware enterprises

Curtain Wall Session Ⅰ: The Reconstruction and Function Upgrade of Existing Building Curtain Walls

The reconstruction of existing building has been attracting more attractions in recent years. From the “Comprehensive renovation of existing buildings” proposed in the 11th Five-year Plan, the “Green energy-saving reconstruction  of existing buildings” proposed in the 12th Five-year Plan, to the reconstruction of existing public buildings and residential buildings and the reconstruction  of the industrial area, and to the strong signal transmitted by the Government Work Report of NPC & CPPCC sessions in 2019: “The area of the old communities in cities and towns is large, and the improvement and reconstruction should be carried out vigorously”…. It can be seen that the comprehensive reconstruction of existing buildings will become an inevitable trend of the development of cities. The design concept and construction process of the newly-built buildings cannot be applied to existing buildings without adaptations. Therefore, the reconstruction  of the existing building curtain walls is still in the stage of continuous exploration and summarization. How to improve the structure and function by the reconstruction of the existing building curtain walls? Which are the categories and technologies of the reconstruction of the existing building curtain walls? How to put an end to the potential safety hazard through the technology construction of high-performance envelopes? Those questions need to be discussed by the colleagues in the whole industry of building curtain walls and engineering?

Proposed speech topics:

  • The status-quo of existing building curtain walls in China and the exploration of maintenance reform.
  • Analysis of international innovation technology on the reconstruction of existing building curtain walls
  • Requirements for the safety detection and new building of existing building curtain walls
  • Analysis of comprehensive technology for the reconstruction  of existing building curtain walls
  • Systematic interpretation of the classification of the reconstruction of existing building curtain walls
  • Key points of design for the reconstruction of existing buildings
  • The function and safety reconstruction of the envelopes of the existing buildings: seismic reinforcement, thermal insulation, film sticking transformation, etc.
  • Innovative reconstruction and performance improvement of existing building curtain walls: photovoltaic curtain walls, photothermal curtain walls and power generation curtain walls, etc.

Curtain Wall Session Ⅱ: Analysis of Technical Difficulties in Design and Construction of Building Curtain Walls

  • Design and construction of irregular-shaped curtain walls
  • BIM technology and construction difficulty analysis of curtain walls of complex skin buildings: Zeng Xiaowu
  • The application of new materials and new techniques for building curtain walls
  • The sharing of the design concept and construction technologies of international curtain wall cases
  • The integrated technology of digitalization, parameterization and informatization of building curtain walls
  • New technology application and material reform of curtain walls