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Statements about the fair

Statements about FBC 2018

Our exhibitors were positive in their assessment of FENESTRATION BAU China 2018. You will find plenty of convincing reasons for your company to participate and enjoy the benefits of this unique event.

Exhibitor statements

Junqing Ma, President, Beijing Milan Window Energy Saving Building Materials Co., Ltd.:

“The outcome has surpassed our expectations. The visitors are very active and the exhibitors are very high-profile. MILUX window is the leading high-end window supplier in China. We also released a new product at the exhibition this year. In the future, we plan to introduce our high-end product to common households. In comparison to other exhibitions, FBC is bigger, more professional and features more supporting programs. We have already booked our place at 2018 FBC and we will always support FBC.”

Dirk Fell, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Hörmann Group:

“FENESTRATION BAU China entirely met our expectations. FBC has developed very well as a result of the commitment of BAU. This was noticeable by the quality of the visitors to our booth. This year, we had many decision-makers and, especially, architects visit us and we were able to show our new products, which are customized for the Chinese market, directly to the people who matter.”

Stefan Ude, Deputy Head of Product Certification, ift Rosenheim GmbH:

“The choice of the site is excellent. The exhibitors and the participants are very professional and very international, which makes it a very good fair. We are happy with the internationality of this fair. We met with Chinese clients, and they are all very interested in the work field of Ift Rosenheim, so we are very satisfied. Compared to other exhibitions, the FBC enables the BAU China and the Fenestration China to work together in one big fair for architects and manufacturers, so that both can find one platform for trading and for interchange. There is no other fair in China which is, in my opinion, as good as this one.” 

Katherine Tian, Co-Manager China, Nelskamp GmbH:

“FBC is a very professional trade show that focuses on new technologies and new inventions. NELSKAMP has been known for its leading technology and we are offering the Chinese market our latest products. This is our first exhibition here and I am fully satisfied with the results. Comparing it to its counterparts, the FBC is better staffed and offers more convenient services. The most important thing is that the exhibitors are of very high quality. The trade show offers a platform for win-win collaboration with the exhibitors, which greatly promotes the construction industry in China.”

Guoying Zhang, Vice General Manager, Orient Sundar Windows Ltd.:

“This year, the customer flow is much bigger than last year and we have a strong feeling that they are also more professional and high-level. Apart from some long-term partners and customers, we had a lot of pleasant encounters with new potential customers this year. The smart door & window products we exhibited this year is our most attractive highlight. The FBC platform is great. Our customers can get to know us better here.”

Jianhui Yang, General Manager, Roto Frank:

“We have been participating at Fenestration China for ten years. We can tell that it has been growing in both quality and size. Some of the visitors became exhibitors. It is very smart for the FBC to alternate between Beijing and Shanghai, as the weather and geographical culture is different in the two cities. We have already booked our booth in 2018 as we are very confident in FBC!”

Steven Zhang, General Manager, Sapa Building Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd:

FBC is an ideal platform that helps us communicate with the customers. This year there are a lot of people and the visitors are very professional, most of which are our colleagues in the construction industry. We will definitely come again next year in the hope that we can further promote our brand to more visitors. 

Yong Wang, Research & Development Manager, Sayyas Windows Stock Co., Ltd:

“It is a very great experience to participate in FBC 2017. We are very satisfied with the quality and quantity of onsite visitors. FBC is an essential platform to present our new products. We talked to many clients on the first day, and also approached a lot of new customers. For us the increased numbers of foreign visitors and exhibitors are the highlights of FBC 2017, which presents the internationalism of the new FBC. I wish FBC will become a leading show for Chinese companies and important platform to broaden our horizon.”

William Wu, Deputy Technical Director, Schüco International (Beijing) Co. Ltd.:

“FBC is a leading trade show for the window and door industry. At FBC, the visitors can find all the solutions to their needs. So it is a very convenient one-stop platform, especially after its collaboration with BAU, one of the most important exhibitions for architecture, materials and systems in the world. I look forward to our next meeting at FBC Beijing in 2018.”

Angel Yang, Deputy Sales Director, Shanghai Orville Architecture:

“Briefly speaking, FBC 2017 is very high-end, big and high-profile. Both the exhibitors and visitors are of very high quality. Orville has brought a lot of new products targeted at the medium-to-high-end market. We always try to develop green, energy-saving technology and provide unique added value to our customers. FBC is very credible and professional. The conferences held every year are very helpful and important for the industry. It is safe to say that it is the best event for the industry. It offers a very good communication platform. We expect it to be even better next year.”

Mingliang Ji, Deputy General Manager, Sleek Shanghai Intelligent System Co., Ltd.:

“As a very professional exhibition for the door, window and façade industry, FBC offers not only business opportunities, but also chances for brand promotion and media coverage. SLEEK WINDOR has brought a lot of new products this year and we are very happy about the outcome. Through FBC, we made contact with a lot of real estate developers and designing agencies, some already in discussion for future cooperation. In the future, the high-end market will be dominated by technology and design. We will come again in 2018 with more products and a bigger booth.”

Franz R. Hauk, General Manager, Stahl- und Leichtmetallbau GmbH:

“Here in the German Pavilion, we have 22 companies coming to China. For some of them, it’s their first time here. But most of them are repeaters, who have come here for 5, to 15 years already, and they are very proud to be here. The exhibitors of the German Pavillion brought some of their special products– machines, hardware, etc. - that we are sure to sell here in China and that will give new input in the local industry. We’re already looking forward to the exhibition in Beijing in 2018.”

Donald Lee, President, Technoform Bautec:

“FBC is great and it is worthwhile to come. The customers are facing great challenges every year, so we are always thinking about how to offer more value to the industry and to our customers. We have always tried to serve our customers and the industry. FBC is a great event that can influence the entire Asian-Pacific market. In 2018, TECHNOFORM will continue to support FBC.”

Akihiro Masumoto, Director & Executive Vice President, YKK Investment Co., Ltd.:

“Through FBC 2017, I can sense the vitality of the Chinese market. We are satisfied with the results. Every year, FBC serves as the most important promotional event for YKKAP. This year we released our new aluminum-alloy LD65 series at FBC. We also invited famous Japanese architects to share their experience. The congress is a good chance for us to connect with the customers. We hope the trade fair will grow even bigger and more inclusive next time, so it can offer more opportunities to the industry.”

Statements from Speakers

Yichun Liu, Principal, Atelier Deshaus:

“FBC is a very good trade show for architectural technology. Technological development is a major force behind the modern architecture and FBC has been a great boost to the development of architectural technology in China. The conference is well organized. I have met architects, material suppliers and technology developers. FBC gives me a very good opportunity to meet them.”

Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Partner, BIG CPH:

“Shanghai is really important for us because our first project outside of Denmark was the Shanghai Danish Pavilion for the World Expo in 2010. So coming here for the BAU Fenestration Conference is a dream come true. It is a great program with three days of intense presentations. And it is a wonderful opportunity to be here to meet and speak with all of my colleagues here in China. We had a great audience, over 600 people were at the event. I think that is a great outcome.”

Hasan Syed, Principal & Design Director, Gensler:

“It is a great event and is very well organized. I think that a combination of designers, community, products and great international architecture journalism has been a fantastic combination for this event. We have been working in this part of the world for a long time. It is our commitment to this country. It is about contribution to the communities, that we want to come and share our work, showcase what we are doing. It is all about interaction with the local communities as well as the international community. The other important aspect is about connecting with the wider international architecture building journalism to promote and give a sense of understanding about what we have been doing in China, how we are building cities, how we are building infrastructures, how we are generating new ideas.”

Prof. Ir. Kees Christiaanse, Partner, KCAP Architects & Planners:

“I have a lot of experience with the BAU exhibition in Munich, Europe, which is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. BAU and FBC are extremely important platforms for practice-oriented people, producers of building equipment and building material, and also architects. Therefore, these places work like giant market places, where people from the industry come together and exchange ideas, seal business deals, and also look for innovation. Therefore, the BAU Congress China, which is organized within the frame of the FBC is very important as it gives the industry a platform for innovation and exchange to develop the future of construction.”

Chris Hardie, Partner, Schmidt Hammer Lassen (SHL):

“One of the interesting and the most impressive things about FBC, is its scale. The number of companies from the different sectors of the construction industry exhibiting here and the program the FBC offers are really impressive. I am really excited to be a part of it. China is a very interesting country, and I am quite happy to call it my home. I have lived here for seven years, and our company SHL has been working in China for over a decade. So of course we are very happy to share the work that we are doing at a conference like this.”

Dr. Hongwu Fan, Senior Engineer (Professor), Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (Group) Co., Ltd

“I am attending FBC for the first time and my first impression is very positive. Since I stepped into the hall I have experience a good atmosphere and see a lot of high quality exhibitors, new products and technology. I am invited by the organizer to talk about the progress and future trends in green technology in China. I can tell it is very well accepted. I think it is because, on the one hand, green technology is closely connected to our everyday life and, on the other hand, energy-saving and emission reduction is strongly advocated by the country. Green buildings have become an important part in the effort to build environmentally-friendly cities.”

Ohashi Satoshi, Director, Zaha Hadid Architects:

“It is very exciting to participate in the BAU Congress China this year. To be involved in bringing all the players of the industry together, is a wonderful opportunity and creates a better understanding of all the possibilities we have. We are honored to be invited by Bauwelt and FBC, because we are always trying to be a good example in the industry in terms of creativity and design. This event brings all the different professionals together so that we can communicate and collaborate together to create better places and spaces.”

Statements from visitors:

Birkan Karatas, Russia:

“I came to the exhibition on every trade show day. And I have found what I was looking for here. Very good businesses and connections. I run a manufacturing company in Kazakhstan and am interested in Chinese manufacturers. I hope to see more companies of automated systems next year, and mobile applications on smart phones for window systems.”

Brais Chaves, Spain:

“We are a manufacturer in Spain. I think the exhibition is very good. It is impressive in size, the organization is satisfying, and the exhibitors are very interesting. I am willing to attend next year’s exhibition, and I am glad to recommend it to my partners.”

Andreas Precht, Germany:

„It’s a very well visited exhibition. A lot of different customers, most of them are Asian, of course, very good quality of the exhibition and an upcoming market. I’m responsible for the Asian market, so attending the exhibition is a MUST for me. So far, we’ve made potential deals, acquired new customers and met with existing customers. I think we will visit again next year.”

Yonglai Mou, China:

“I will use three words to describe FBC 2017: professional, inclusive and excellent. The organizer is very professional. This year the exhibition covers a very wide range of products in not only the construction industry but also in relevant industries like smart equipment. I have found a lot of high quality exhibitors. FBC is different from its counterparts in that it features a lot of international exhibitors. They bring new ideas and products that we can learn from.”

Marcus Mehr, Germany:

“I think it is a very nice exhibition. I saw many new products. So I enjoyed being here. My purpose of coming was to learn about the Asian market. I found much information about the products. We are a German manufacturer operating in Europe and in Asia as well. I think the organization of this exhibition is good. And Shanghai is a good place.”

Andrew Nurse, UK:

“The exhibition is very impressive with its extensive product range. There is a wide range of products that we are looking for, especially for aluminum.

The topic “Future Building Technology” interests us the most. And we do think China is going to be the big future market, and Asia in general. It is quite possible that we attend next year’s FBC in Beijing. And we would absolutely recommend this exhibition to our partners.”

Dr. Ing. Libero Ravaioli, Italy:

“The general impression is good. The exhibition is very well presented, and also well-organized. There are many good companies. We are looking for partners to manufacture the aluminum windows. We have found information for new products and new customers. And we found a few manufacturers, who we are going to visit in their factories near Beijing in the next days, we are very satisfied.”


The next BAU China will take place from November 5 to November 8, 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China.  

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