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Statements About FBC 2019

Our exhibitors were positive in their assessment of FENESTRATION BAU China 2019. You will find plenty of convincing reasons for your company to participate and enjoy the benefits of this unique event.

Statements from Exhibitors

Dr. Ni Pu, Asia-Pacific President of Hoermann (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd.

As an annual event, FBC provides a very good platform. Hoermann Changshu Factory was put into operation this year. We hereby take this opportunity to showcase the latest products and smart-home achievements of our Changshu Factory for the first time. The four-day exhibition has not only showcased the new products, new technologies and future trends of the industry, but also provided rich and novel forums to promote the mutual exchange of peers. As an international exhibition platform, I hope FBC will achieve greater success.

Bai Baoping, Board Director and Vice President of Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

As a grand event of the industry, FBC adheres to the professional style to bring leading construction solutions and high-end construction technologies and materials to the industry. Kinlong will support FBC as always. I wish this event a greater and greater success, and I also wish FBC 2020 a complete success!

YKK AP (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

As an exhibitor who has participated in FBC for more than ten consecutive years, YKK AP deeply feels that FBC is constantly developing and improving itself in terms of exhibition scale, visitor professionalism, relevant supporting activities, exhibitor services, etc. FBC has not only built a good platform for us to better communicate with various enterprises, but also provided a good opportunity for us to establish and improve our brand image. YKK AP also can’t wait and see FBC to grow even further in the future!

Liu Jing, COO of Emmegi (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China

FBC 2019 has been successfully concluded. This time, Emmegi (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (from Italy) has demonstrated its 12-axis machining center Quadra L1. Advanced technology, perfect model and smooth operation instantly captured the attentions of a large number of domestic and foreign professional visitors at the exhibition. They stopped to visit and understand this handsome "big guy" and showed great interest in other products of Emmegi. Because of the exhibition platform provided by FBC, they have gained a better understanding of the high-end products of the Italian brand Emmegi. We believe that in the future development, Emmegi will make more outstanding achievements, become an excellent and representative foreign brand in the equipment industry, and better serve customers in the Asia Pacific Region.

Wu Congzhen, Chief Engineer, Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Co., Ltd.

FBC provides Golden Glass with a stage to show its excellent quality and builds a bridge for Golden Glass to communicate with its customers. As a benchmark enterprise in the industry, Golden Glass will go on with its pioneering innovation by upholding the idea of benefiting the society with craftsmanship. In the new era, we will continue to work hard to develop more products that benefit the country and the people!

Statements from Guests

Wang Hongtao, Director of Fenestration Technology Research Center in CABR; Secretary of National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windoors of Standardization Administration of China

I think that FDC is a very good form: It is of great significance to give advice for the development of the industry at the technical level. China's window & door enterprises are upgrading themselves, and I have noticed that this year's FDC has attracted some new audience of window & door enterprises. It is evident that the whole industry is paying attention to the development trend of technology, and making continuous improvement according to the latest trend.

Joune Liu, Chief Engineer of Technoform Group in the Asia-Pacific Region

Parallel forums of windows & doors and curtain walls have been specially established for this year's FDC. The construction, design and structural form of windows, doors and curtain walls are all different, and their performance requirements are also different. Therefore, it is particularly important to make a demarkation from a professional perspective, which is also of great significance to the development of windows, doors and curtain walls in the future.

Sun Deyan, Chief Engineering Inspector of Schüco China, Schüco International KG

Based on my long-term contact with FDC, I have two feelings: The previous FDC paid more attention to domestic technology and development. However, the degree of FDC internationalization has been increasing in recent two years. This is a very good trend for such an annual platform for technology development, sharing and exchange. It can be said that the development of the fenestration industry in recent years has also been attributed to the platform of FDC to a certain extent.

Lin Guangli, Chief Engineer of WinGreen Energy-Saving Windows & Doors Co., Ltd.

With the development of window and door industry, safety and innovation have gradually stepped onto the historical stage. FDC pays close attention to the development trend and popular content of the industry, from which people can benefit a lot. I hope to hear more about the development and application of passive ultra-low energy buildings and windows & doors at the future seminars. I also wish FDC a greater and greater success!

Xiao Yanyan, Chief Engineer of Grandland Real Estate Co., Ltd.

In the process of curtain wall design and construction, it is a future trend to consider the harmony between man and nature. The interpretation of industry experts and the analysis of construction cases at FDC are refreshing. We hope that more similar seminars will be launched so that we can get access to more future development trends of curtain walls.

Chen Zhongli, Secretary General of CRECC Full Decoration Council

I think it's of great significance to launch this forum. Promoted by policies, green buildings, healthy buildings, smart buildings and low-energy passive buildings have been ushering in great development of “full decoration”. To develop low-carbon, intelligent, healthy and comfortable full-decoration projects, Chinese real estate developers must consider the use of high-quality fenestration products. Through the forum, the two industries can have in-depth discussion, and the synergy will enhance the healthy and efficient development of the real estate and fenestration industries.

Shen Wenyi, Department of Headquarters Technology Management and Product R &D of Greenland Group

It's a great honor to participate in this forum as a representative of domestic green real estate developers. It's Greenland's duty and responsibility to share green building experience with peers in the industry. We hope that, through the green practice of Greenland, we can stimulate fenestration enterprises to think about the breakthrough of products, realize the application of green products in green buildings, and produce green buildings that are the most suitable for China.

Statements from visitors

 Li Yaqiu, Chief Engineer of Curtain Walls, Zhejiang Huazhan Institute of Engineering Research & Design

Thanks to FBC's unremitting efforts over the years, this year's FBC has delivered great values. Once again, it has brought together the top masters in the industry to share their achievements and experiences, provided fenestration fans with a sumptuous feast and illuminated the road of sound development for the fenestration industry. Top exhibitors have displayed all kinds of exhibits there are, and new materials have emerged endlessly, which have disrupted the existing recognition, remedied the defects of professional knowledge and refreshed the market pereception of the industry. I hope that every time I participate in it, I can harvest different gains. I can’t wait and see FBC 2020 to be better and better!

Xie Feng, Chief Designer of Wuhan Lingyun Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

FBC is an annual event that Lingyun must attend every year. As a high-quality international event in the industry, it brings together outstanding enterprises and products in the fenestration industry. At this year's FBC, a variety of design forums and lectures have been launched, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and advanced design concepts in the industry. Moreover, well-known experts have come from home and abroad to solve puzzles on the spot, which has not only expanded our vision, but also enabled us to meet our old friends and make new friends. We sincerely hope that FBC 2020 will bring us new products and new topics, promote science and technology, and carry out reform and innovation.

Xu Linhua, Purchase Manager of Hebei Darong Architectural Engineering Co., Ltd.

It's a great honor to participate in FBC 2019. This year' FBC has gathered many world-leading technologies in the fenestration industry, which are really eye-catching. The concurrent "Talk" series forums are impressive, and the keynote speakers from all over the world have brought us world-class advanced ideas. As an engineering enterprise, we have not only met many of our old friends at this year's FBC, but also made acquaintances with many excellent suppliers for next year's projects, which is absolutely worthwhile. We wish FBC 2020 a greater success, and look forward to meeting our peers in the industry next year!

Zhang Jidong, General Manager of Lanzhou Honglida Window and Door Hardware Accessories Wholesale Firm

I have participated in FBC for three consecutive years. Every year, I can find inspiring products on this leading platform which gathers excellent products in the window & door and construction industry. As a distributor, we are interested in promising brands. Thank the organizers for having invited for us famous enterprises from home and abroad in the industry. On the other hand, we have met our friends in the industry who have been cooperating with us. We can’t wait and see FBC 2020 to bring more brands even closer to our business than already are, and play a great role in promoting the healthy development of the window & door industry!

The next BAU China will take place from October 29 to November 1, 2020 at New China International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC) Beijing, China

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