Statements About FBC 2020

Our exhibitors were positive in their assessment of FENESTRATION BAU China 2020. You will find plenty of convincing reasons for your company to participate and enjoy the benefits of this unique event.

Statements from Exhibitors

Gao Li, President of NorthGlass Co., Ltd.

As a well-known door, window and curtain wall exhibition in the world, FBC has always taken the perspectives of industry and enterprises, embracing new things, using new media and opening up new ideas to promote the continuous development and growth of the industry. Over the recent years, design institutes and designers have been invited to jointly hold exhibitions and participate in them. The new technologies, new materials and new techniques of the enterprise are made available to designers. At the same time, the progress of technology with all the efforts above have brought about more possibilities and imagination space to architecture. Thanks to FBC, I wish the platform to enjoy even greater success.

Li Baineng, President, Asia-Pacific Region, Technoform Group

The year of 2020 is destined to be extraordinary, where the industry has experienced painful transformations and the new demand accumulated under the changing landscape is ready to be unleashed. As the premier place of new products of global door and window, curtain wall enterprises, FBC has showcased that in the context of growing energy saving standards, high energy saving, intelligence and safer door and window products are inevitable trends. As a loyal partner of the exhibition, Technoform has closely followed the theme of "climate+change" and contributes to the development of the industry together with the FBC. In the days to come, I wish the FBC a greater growth.

Tan Yonghan, Chairman of Civro Architectural Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

We can see that FBC's influence has gradually extended to the field of architectural design standing from the current height of the professional field, and has achieved considerable achievements. This will provide a strong boost for the next stage of the development of the whole door and window sector, and Civro system door and window looks forward to deepening such cooperation with FBC.

Jin Yunyan, Vice President of Beijing Peace Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Peace Aluminum has been exhibiting  at  Fenestration Bau China(FBC) for 15 consecutive years. All along the journey, the two sides have witnessed each other's growth and the thriving of the industry. FBC has been committed to cultivating the door and window, curtain wall industry for 18 years, and has developed into a prestigious international Grand Gala in the industry. It is not only a professional and systematic exhibition platform, but also an important window to have insights into the development direction of the industry. It is a great honor to showcase our new products, new technologies and new achievements of Peace Aluminum at this industry grand gathering. We look forward to working with FBC to create and share a new future with more counterparts in the industry.

Ni Haiqiong, President of Orient Sundar Group Window Industry Co., Ltd.

On behalf of Orient Sundar Group, I would like to express my warm congratulations on the grand organization of this FBC. FBC is committed to the integration of innovative products, technologies, solutions and exploration of business cooperation modes of the door and window, curtain wall industry, and helps the development and technological innovation of industry enterprises. The annual event has become an international platform for the integration of the whole industrial chain of the door and window, curtain wall industry. In the future, Orient Sundar Group will keep leveraging the advantages of the platform of FBC, joining hands with FBC, actively expanding the industrial chain of green building materials, thus making greater contributions to the high-quality development of the industry!

Statements from visitors

Tian Bing, Manager of Contract Budget Department of Beijing No. 5 Construction Engineering Group

The year of 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and this year's FBC is also destined to make an extraordinary mark on the door and window, curtain wall Expo! This year, we were fortunate to have participated in the FBC, to learn of the cutting-edge technology of the door and window, curtain wall system, and say  "long time no see" to my friends from the manufacturers who have not met for quite a long while. The installation demonstration is one of the highlights of this exhibition and has enabled me to learn the new technical approach of door and window installation and construction. It is really worth this trip! Look forward to meeting all colleagues in the industry at FBC 2021 Shanghai again!

Zhang, Manager of Bidding and Procurement, Real Estate Sector, Country Garden Group

After experiencing the reshuffling out of the pandemic, the industry of architectural door and window, curtain wall has ushered in a new era with opportunities for development. The prosperity of the door and window, curtain wall industry has played an important role in supporting the booming of its related industries. This exhibition has benefited us greatly. I sincerely wish FBC the greater success!

Xu Linhua, Procurement Manager of Hebei Darong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

This year is the second time for us to participate in the FBC. The Covid-19 has knitted the real estate people closely together to ride through the difficult times. The successful exhibition has also provided great confidence to the recovery of the industry, and I believe that tomorrow will be brighter!

Gao Weiping, Curtain Wall Designer of Shanghai Ge Lei De Door and Window, Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.

Every year, the FBC is the grand conference of the whole industry! Industry leading elites have gathered together to exchange and learn from each other; there is the domestic and foreign integration and heated discussion! Sincerely wish Fenestration Bau China(FBC)  get better and better!

Liu Zhe, General Manager of Nanjing Baishicheng Doors and Windows Co.,Ltd.

It's a great honor to participate in FBC2020, the must-attend event for our company every year. At this extremely unusual point of time this year, it still delivers cutting-edge technology and advanced design concepts for the door and window industry by raising the bar high, which is gratifying for people to see with their own eyes and benefits us a lot, and also gives us opportunity to make friends and get to know many high-end suppliers. I hope to continue to expand the scale next year, see more intelligent door and window solutions on the spot, and build a new height for the industry together!

Li Hongbao, Manager of Zhenjiang Zhengzhou Sifang doors and windows Co., Ltd.

We are deeply impressed by the efforts made by the organizers for the door and window, curtain wall industry, against the current context of economy affected by the Covid-19 to have the exhibition still gather the top brands and cutting-edge technologies of the industry. Various concurrent conferences and events held at the same time have broadened our horizon and supplemented us with the understanding of professional knowledge and trends. I'm very much looking forward to the FBC in Shanghai next year. See you next year!

Liu Qinshi, Consultant Chief Architect of Guizhou Architectural Research and Design Institute

Although I couldn't make it to the conferences because of my work, I have kept an eye on the events online and watched the live broadcast of the exhibition. I am happy and excited about the great achievements made by the conferences held in this special period, which has enhanced the confidence of the industry and made pioneering technological achievements for the country. Thank you very much for your hard work and contribution to the conferences!

The next BAU China will take place from November 02 to November 05, 2021 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC),China

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