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Huge New Opportunities —— The Future of Chinese Fenestration Industry

Standards on Building Energy Conservation Promote the High-Quality Development of the Fenestration Industry in China

At present, China is at a critical turning point for promoting the development of buildings. Green buildings, buildings with ultra-low energy consumption, near-zero buildings, energy-saving windows and doors, innovative curtain walls, etc. are all topics of great concern in the development of the industry. A series of standards for building windows, doors and curtain walls have been promulgated, which provides a more clear direction for the development of the industry. As an important part of building envelope, windows, doors and curtain walls play an important role in meeting the standards of energy saving, green and ultra-low energy consumption. Therefore, the application of high-quality window, door and curtain wall products will become the mainstream trend of building material selection in the Chinese market.

”New Blue Ocean“ —— Attaching Equal Importance to New Building + The Renovation of Existing Buildings

According to the report of the National Bureau of Statistics, by 2018, China's urbanization rate had reached 59.58%, and China had entered the era of the second half of its urbanization. In addition, China's economic growth has slowed down. Super Tier-1 cities are saturated and overflowing, while new Tier-1 and strong Tier-2 cities are coming to the foreground of economic development. Furthermore, the all-round renovation of existing buildings in China will become the general trend of urban development. The renovation of existing buildings not only means the increase of "quantity", but also the improvement of "quality". This will become another opportunity for the development of window, door and curtain wall enterprises in China's construction industry.