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Chinese Market

Interesting information about the Chinese market

The fenestration industry is being upgraded 

The annual newly-added building area of the Chinese building industry is 2 billion square meters, constituting the largest building market in the world. On the other hand, along with the policies of environmental pollution control continuously promulgated by the government, and the demand of new-generation consumers for the livable and healthy residential environment, the market of building doors, windows and curtain walls has entered an age of all-round industrial upgrading. “Green” and “health” will become brand-new nouns dominating the building market, which will bring new challenges to the industry, but will bring huge historical opportunities at the same time. 

Attaching equal importance to new buildings + the renovation of existing buildings 

Since Chinese real estate industry entered into a phase of steady development, the number of new buildings has been declined year by year, but the demand for the renovation of existing buildings has been increasing, which will become another focus of the future development of the building industry.