ZHU MU "Curtain Walls--Special Zone of New Offerings"

China's curtain wall industry started in 1978, and has grown to be the world's biggest producer and user of curtain walls, after more than 40 years of development. At present, curtain wall design and engineering in China are in need of application of new technologies, new materials and new processes to realize more possibilities of architecture, nevertheless many new building materials have not entered the view of architectural and curtain wall designers. In addition, the curtain wall part in the building drawing only shows the basic form, and can not guide material selection and construction of the curtain wall. As a result, how to find the matching technical achievements and material solutions for the pain points and challenges of curtain wall construction has become the direction of the industry.

The whole chain of curtain wall design, detailing, materials, construction and so on requires more precise and professional guidance and reference. To this purpose, Fenestration Bau China(FBC) curates the Special Area of FBC2023 on Curtain Wall Technology and New Products --"Curtain Wall" ZHU MU, integrates the latest new materials, new technologies and new processes in curtain wall, showcases and enables exchanges on various possibilities of curtain wall design and engineering in a comprehensive manner, and jointly promotes the innovation and development of curtain wall industry through diversified activities.

Basic information:


 China Building Decoration Association (CBDA), MMU BAU Fenestration Co.,Ltd.

Chief Curator Luo Yi studio
Detailed Design Gold Mantis Curtain Wall



Highlights of the Event:

Full chain: the first solution platform of curtain wall engineering across the full chain, integrating curtain wall design, technology, case, construction, and installation, etc.

Diversification: diversified communications in architectural design, curtain wall design, engineering construction, exterior wall materials and other fieldsScenarios: curtain wall materials and facade solutions are organically integrated to demonstrate scenarios as use cases.


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