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An annual platform of technical exchange, focusing on industrial development

FBC2019 will continue to pay attention to the development trends of the fenestration industry, and launch more than 10 supporting conferences and forums. Updated industrial standards and trends: presenting the following popular topics one by one: intelligence, ultra-low energy consumption, the renovation of existing buildings, the installation of windows and doors, shading for buildings, fully furbished, regional market and the transformation of home furbishment. Wonderful concurrent events will continuously spark off industrial inspiration, innovation and vigor. It is a must-attend banquet for technical exchange and a golden opportunity for learning in the fenestration industry.

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China Façade Design and Construction Forum
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Solicitation of Fenestration Installation Nodes and Demonstration
National High-quality Fenestration Roadshow and Standards Presentation
Concentrating on the industrial trends, creating characteristic special zones

Special zone for building fire protection: Along with the promulgation and revision of the latest version of Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings GB 50016-2014, fire-proof windows and doors have become a popular topic in the industry. Their technical innovation and development trends catch more and more attention. FBC of this year will have a special zone for fire-proof windows and doors, where updated products, technologies and solutions will be displayed. The following enterprises of fire-proof windows and doors have secured a place with a strong dynamism: Jingang, Hörmann, Kinoge, Jinwei, Deyilong, Xinmingge, Shulong, Mexin Best, Hanwoer, Hengbao, GMQ, Weihua, BSL and Meixin Maisen.

Special zone for building shading: Windows and doors account for 40% to 50% and even more of building energy consumption. Therefore, it is vital to select fenestration components of building openings. As an important part of building energy saving, consumption reduction and creation of a comfortable environment, building shading products have caught more and more attention of the industry. For this purpose, FBC of this year will create a special zone for building shading, enabling participating enterprises to enjoy such advantages as new product gathering, buyers’ concentration and industrial trend sharing. 

Special zone for External wall materials: Enterprises of building glass, ceramic sheet, PV products and curtain wall materials will gather together at FBC, creating the most internationalized exhibiting area of external wall materials with the fullest categories and the largest number of brands at present. The latest technologies, materials and trends of building facades will be exhibited to present curtain wall engineering organizations, building designers and real estate developers.