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FBC2020will continue to work closely with the domestic and overseas windows, doors and curtain wall institutions and associations, grasp the latest trendsetter of the industry development. Focusing on the latest industry standards, international development trends and forward-looking development concepts, FBC2020 will create more than 10 leading edge forums and events to constantly spark industry inspiration, innovation and vitality.

Overview of Events 2019:

Fenestration Days China

New China International Exhibition Centre (NCIEC) Beijing, China

FDC was premiered in 2003, with the mission of “leading the technological development trends of Asia‘s door, window and curtain wall industry”, has been keeping up with industry hotspots and global technological development trends, which makes it a learning and communication platform not to be missed out on in the industry. Over the past 17 years, nearly 300 technical experts and more than 5,000 industry professionals have shared their views and exchanged ideas here. Exclusive Co-organizer: Technoform Group

Theme:Breaking the Game--Technological Innovation to Lead into the Future of the Fenestration Industry

Organizer:MesseMünchen/MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd

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BAU Congress China 2020

China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) Hall W1, Beijing

BAU Congress China is an annual congress that focuses on high-quality design, planning and construction. The congress and its highly reputed speakers allows participants to experience best-practice examples and insights on structured, long-term and sustainable urban development. BAU Congress China is tailored to the developing needs of the Chinese market. It supports the building industry of China to solve the problems faced such as construction quality, energy efficiency, sustainability, urban renewal, and provide new ideas. It is the place to be for all industry specialists.

Theme:please stay tuned

Organizer:《Bauwelt》;Messe München GmbH;FENESTRATION BAU CHINA

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Talk to Architects Forum

NCIEC, Beijing, W201 Conference Room

Hosts: "Architecture Technique" Journal、"Building Curtain Wall" Journal、MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. Scale: 300 people Visitors: Architectural design institutes, building curtain wall designers for detailed design, interior designers, engineering organizations, decoration companies, construction parts manufacturers

Theme:please stay tuned

Organizer:Academic Committee of Building Curtain Wall of Architectural Society of China China Construction Technology Consulting Co.,Ltd. Asia-Pacific Construction Technology Information Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CADREG) MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

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Building exterior window installation demonstration

FBC 2020 Hall W3

The project of windows and doors is 30% about fabrication and 70% about installation. As an important part of building openings, it is of vital importance of correct installation of windows and guaranteed performance after installation. The building door and window industry needs correct, scientific, and operable door and window installation instructions to avoid blind installation, and requires standardized installation to ensure the overall safety and energy-saving performance of the building, and avoid potential building safety hazards and complaints about air leakage, water leakage, and air leakage at a later time.


Organizer:National Technical Committee 448 on Curtain Walls & Windoors of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC448) ift Rosenheim Messe München MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

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2020 Door and Window, Curtain Wall, Real Estate Procurement and Development Summit & Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meetings

NCIEC, Conference Area in Exhibition Halls

Theme:Win-win new "infrastructure" opportunities

Organizer:FBC, Mingyuan Cloud Procurement

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FBC2020 Festival of Distribution of Door and Window in Home Decoration

NCIEC, Salon Zone

FBC2020 will optimize the model of the event for distributors, and invite core distributors in the door and window industry market to participate in the event with higher degree of participation, stronger interaction and more precise demand as the positioning of the event. It will build the best bridge for communication and cooperation between manufacturers and distributors.

Theme:Festival of Distribution of Door and Window in Home Decoration

Organizer:FBC, Chinahome

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International Special Selection Exhibition Area

Hall E2 International Special Selection Exhibition Area

At present, the COVID-19 in China has stabilized, and the construction industry has completed an orderly resumption of work and production. The demand for procurement of high-quality doors, windows and curtain walls has surged. In the midst of the pandemic, international companies are hindered from participating in the exhibition and lack opportunities for new products and technologies to be fully showcased and exchanges on the industry platform. As the only high-quality door, window and curtain wall solution expo in 2020, FBC will capture attention from the upstream and downstream across the industrial chain of construction.

Theme:International Special Selection Exhibition Area


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FBC Awards Hall of Fame

Hall W2 FBC Awards Hall of Fame

Theme:FBC Awards Hall of Fame


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The 13th National Real Estate Chief Engineer (CTO) Annual Conference Specially invited Party A‘s Tour Group and Welcome Dinner

NCIEC & Jinmao Yishengyuan Hotel


Organizer:Zhongbo Jingdian Building Science Research Institute Chief Engineers Association

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RealTech Asia Summit

Crowne Plaza International Airport, Beijing

Theme:RealTech Asia Summit

Organizer:China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (CRECC)、Messe München (MMG)、MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. (MMU)

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